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MRIN-9 Gabriel A. Smith and Sarah E. Lambert

Gabriel Alonzo Smith and Sarah E. Lambert

My maternal 2nd great grandparents


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Gabriel Alonzo Smith

  • Also known as Gabe Smith
  • Born: 08 Mar 1857 in Pendleton County, West Virginia
  • Married: Sarah E. Lambert on 29 May 1879 in Randolph County, West Virginia
  • Died: 03 Jan 1929 in East Wheatfield, Indiana County, Pennsylvania
  • Buried: Glady Cemetery in Glady, Randolph County, West Virginia
  • Cause of Death: Influenza. Contributed to Bronchial Pneumonia
  • Parents: Andrew C. Smith and Elizabeth White

Sarah Ellen Lambert

  • Also known as Sadie
  • Born: 07 Jan 1859 in Pendleton County, West Virginia
  • Married: Gabriel A. Smith on 29 May 1879 in Randolph County, West Virginia
  • Died: 02 Jul 1921 in Randolph County, West Virginia
  • Buried: Glady Cemetery in Glady, Randolph County, West Virginia
  • Cause of Death: Dysentery
  • Parents: Adonijah Creels Lambert Sr. and Barbara Bennett

Their Children

  1. Mary Alice Smith (1880-1958)
  2. Carrie Smith (1882-after 1958) Carrie married Albert Kisamore
  3. Ella M. Smith (1883-1901) Ella died at age 16 from spinal meningitis
  4. Christina Smith (1885-after 1958) “Tina” married Walter Kisamore and later moved to Pennsylvania
  5. John Calvin Smith (1888-1934) Link takes you to the blog of John’s great-granddaughter, Terry Rowe, where she shares her family history.
    John had 2 children with his first wife who died in the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic shortly after giving birth to their second child. He married again that same year and had another seven children with his second wife. John died from head injuries sustained in a automobile accident at the age of 45.
  6. Viola Virginia Smith (1889-1933) Viola’s husband, PVT. Fred Louk, died in WWI and was buried in Belleau, France a little over a year after he filled out his draft registration card. In 1930 Viola went on the U.S. World War I Mothers’ Pilgrimage, it was the first and only time she got to visit her husbands grave. Three years later she died from diphtheria.


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  6. Birth Record for Gabriel Smith
  7. Marriage Record for Gabriel Smith and Sarah E. Lambert
  8. Death Certificate 1 for Sadie Ellen Smith
  9. Death Certificate 2 for Sarah Smith
  10. Register of Deaths for the year of 1921 in Randolph County, Page 158
  11. Find A Grave Memorial# 13918129 – Gabriel A. Smith
  12. Find A Grave Memorial# 13918202 – Sarah E. Lambert Smith
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  14. Death Certificate for Gabriel Smith
  15. Death Record for Ella M. Smith
  16. Death Certificate for Viola Virginia Louk
  17. Death Certificate for John Calvin Smith
  18. Death Certificate for Christina (Smith) Kisamore
  19. Marriage Record for Christina Smith to Walter Kisamore
  20. Marriage Record for Carrie Smith to Albert Kisamore


  1. I have been working on my lineage and found your blog as I have been going through my mom’s side. Carrie Smith was my great grandmother. I have been hunting down her line for a while now.

    • Hi there, Diana!
      I’m glad you found me. Hopefully I have some information that can help you in your search.

      • So far you have already helped a ton. I have found photos that I never knew who the people were and have been able to put names to them because they are either the same exact photos you have here or the same people in them. I have so many photos that I have been going through in the past few days. I would love to be able to chat with you via email if you wouldn’t mind.

  2. Hey Beth! My name is Leslie Ann and I was wondering what kind of information you have on Christena Smith who later married Walter Abraham Kisamore who was born June 11, 1884 in Pendleton, WV. Walter would be my great great grandfather. It has been told he married Christena who was to be given that as her Christian name because she was an Indian…of some kind! That is the family mystery. If you have any information about this or anything about there being Indian in their blood please feel free to email me or get ahold of me on facebooK!

    • Leslie,

      I know it’s been a year since you posted your comment and I’m very sorry for being so late. I was burned out and taking a break from genealogy for awhile….turned out it was a long while. I’m locked out of my email right now and cannot find you on facebook. The link doesn’t work, nor does a search with your email address. I’m hoping you get this at some point.

      The story that I had always been told was that Mary Alice Smith (also told that was a Christian name given to her by missionaries) was a Native American Squaw who married Solomon Wyatt (a young man fresh from Ireland) and that they lived on top of a mountain in West Virginia the rest of their lives and had 12 children, my grandpa being the youngest. One of my sister’s still to this day tells everyone she gets her “red” hair from being Irish. (Actually it comes in a bottle, but shhhh).

      The only thing true in that story is that they had 12 children and my grandpa was the youngest.

      My Mary Alice Smith and your Christina (She preferred Tina) Smith were sisters. They were the daughters of this Gabriel Smith and Sarah Lambert.
      Christina “Tina” F. (Smith) Kisamore was
      born on 22 Nov 1886 in Whitmer, Randolph County, West Virginia
      married Walter Kisamore on 13 Apr 1905 in Randolph County, West Virginia
      died at age 72 on 07 May 1959 in West Wheatfield, Indiana County, Pennsylvania
      She is buried next to Walter in the Bethel Cemetery in Clyde, Indiana County, Pennsylvania

      I even took the AncestryDNA test that came back with 0% Native American ethnicity. Since three of my four biological grandparents were suppose to have Native American ancestry and I have 0% in the ethnicity, I’ve long given those claims up to be wishful thinking.

      Who knows though, with more family members taking the test and more markers to match with, maybe someday we’ll find something.

      • I am also from the same family line. I am about to send my ancestry dna kit off now. We too have always been told that we had native American ancestors. There has been contemplation on who that was, and anywhere from Cherokee to Deleware. I am super excited to get my results back.

        • Terry, I would love to see your results when they come in. So you’re a descendant of Walter and Christina (Smith) Kisamore? Which of their children do you descend from?

          I’m completely convinced that the native american story for this family is just that…a story. I’ve traced this line back with documentation many generations to prove this is just not true.

          Almost everyone I’ve ever met in my 20 years of doing genealogy has the same “Native American” story. I’ve proved it wrong in 3 of my 4 grandparents lines. Ironically, the one line that never claimed to be, just actually might be. Crazy, but I’ll take the truth any day or fictional stories.

          • This is Beth, BTW.

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