I’m not much of a writer, so you’ll have to excuse any typos and grammatical errors. I just started this blog as a place to move all of my information in various websites into one place. I’m really liking the blog format with interaction in the comments sections rather than websites where I’m so concerned about the look and design that it takes away from the information that I wanted to put there in the first place. I end up re-doing the work so many times that I get burned out and just give up on it for a while.

I have been doing family history (genealogy) actively since 1997. My mother-in-law was a genealogist and she amazed me at what she had accomplished. I had no idea what information was out there for me to find. I’d always been curious as we didn’t know much about either of my parents families past my grandparents, and it turns out, we didn’t really know all that much about them either. I think everyone I’ve ever talked to about this “hobby” has a story of that one person who got them started. For me, it was my paternal grandfather who died very young, his children were too young to really remember him, his wife remarried and moved on and never really talked about him much after that. After attending a funeral in my hometown I was just walking around the cemetery looking for a few family member that I knew where buried there when I ran across my grandfather’s grave. My whole life, I never even knew that he was buried there. I thought that he was buried in another state where his mother lived. At that point he became “real” to me rather than just a name and I wanted to know all about him and what really happened to him. That’s when my obsession began and it’s only gotten stronger over the years.



  1. Hi Beth,
    While working on my aunt’s family genealogy I came across the flowers and info you left on the FindaGrave page for Walter Birchfield who is buried in Mt Zion Cem., Pasco Co., FL.

    I just started work on the Birchfield line for my cousins and I have not gotten too far. Can you tell me more about the family history written by Noah you mention on FindAGrave or where I might purchase a copy?

    Would you happen to know the burial location for Walter’s brother, Noah Ballard Birchfield [1898-1993] and his wife Mirley [1902-1988]? Noah is the father of my aunt Faye Lillian Birchfield Cotterill. I found an obit for Noah however no burial location was given. Still looking for Mirley’s.

    Thanks for any help,
    Connie Cotterill-Schumaker
    Stark Co., Ohio

    • Hi Connie,
      I haven’t worked on that line in years. I think I have a transcription of the pages written by Noah Birchfield somewhere, but at the moment I’m not sure where. It’s my husband’s line and I haven’t gotten myself organized with his stuff yet. I’ll try and find it, but it may take awhile. I’ll post it if/when I find it.

    • Hi Beth,
      I have just started researching my Grandmothers ancestry. I believe my Great Grandmother Lillie was related to Agnes Sheppard Sizemore. Lillie’s Grandmother Lucy was adopted around age 13 and lived in Tennessee. We have no history on her, she was possibly Shawnee because of Ancestral Altaic DNA. I have a picture of Lillie that looks just like Agnes which also looks like the Altaic women of central Siberia.

  2. Hi Beth,
    My name is Jennifer and I believe I may be your cousin. I have been trying to obtain genealogy records for my family tree. I was told that Carolyn Ball-Chaffins was of Native American descent and thought I had found my father’s name listed in the Cherokee Nation directory in Oklahoma. Thank you for all of the information you have researched. Up until today, I had very little information about my father’s side of the family and he had not been able to tell my mother a lot about his father Harry Lee Jr. My father is Robert E. Chaffins.

  3. hi, my name is sarita ruth. i saw you put my family upon findgrave.com. “peck’ you were asking for information. my phone number is 740-383-1271.

    • Hi Sarita,
      I had photographed and transcribed a small cemetery several years ago and your Peck family where some of the people I found there. I had put a note on their Find A Grave Memorial that if anyone wanted to add a biography for them to contact me. Since that time, they have made it possible to transfer ownership of the memorials. If you would like I can transfer them to you. I would love to see them in the hands of their family. I would just need a link to your page there or the 8 digit number next to your name. If you would rather not, that’s fine too.

  4. Looks like we are connected through the Lambert side ( this is my father’s side). My 3 rd great grandfather was Adonijah Creels Lambert. William Frank his son was my 2nd great grandfather and Jason was my great grandfather. My parents and I have been working on our family for about two years. Do you know the story about Adonijah Creels Lambert taken as a prisoner during the civil war? I have some info on this & more on the Lambert side if you want to share. Do you have a picture of him? Hope we can connect!


  5. Hi Beth! do you have the Davis book? I’m trying to connect Patriot John Davis through several Davis generations: G2 James, G3 John, G4 James, and G5 Hugh who m Iva Burns. thanks much!! John

  6. Hi Beth, I have been researching the John Lamberts of Augusta, Rockingham, Pendleton Counties for several years. John Lambert, 1797- post 1860, married to “Susannah” Hannah Cassell is my 4th Great grandfather. Jennie Hott on Aug 5, 2009 posted the following on rootsweb about the parentage of Hannah Cassell:

    Valentine Cassell died January, 1810 on Muddy Creek, greenbrier Co., WV. His widow, Phoebe, married Jacob Spillman on October 10, 1811 in Pendleton County, VA/WV. In Pendleton County Court Records dated Feb. 11, 1814, “Jacob Spillman is appointed guardian for Hannah Cassle, Elizabeth Cassle, Jane Cassle and Jacob Cassle, children of Valentine Cassle, dec’d who gave bond with security according to law.”

    Also in Greenbrier Co., VA/WV Deedbook 9, page 418, John Lambert and Hannah his wife, the same Hannah being one of the children and heirs of Valentine Cassle deceased releases her interest in a tract of land on Muddy Creek, Greenbrier Co., VA/WV.

    Hope this helps with the determination of Hannah Cassell’s parentage. Carol

    • Carol, You are beautiful! Thank you so much for that information

  7. Praying for your healing. I can’t understand all that you are going through, However I watched my grandfather Clarence White (of our White line – Elza – Carr), his wife, my Grandma Calora Smith (Charles Smith Great-Granddaughter) with breast cancer and several others until her death. Robert Lee Smith who was Charles’ grandson also had cancer throughout that started in his leg and ended in his liver. My uncle Milton (my mom’s brother) passed from cancer in his legs. My mother had cancer throughout her body and suffered just like her dad, Clarence who suffered through cancer for 7 years. Also his son; her brother, Douglas McArthur White had cancer, death age 42. I’m not trying to bring gloom here, I had noticed you are looking for that defective Gene in our family lines. Yes, I believe it is there. Many of my Mom’s siblings have conquered this dreadful curse. My health issues started with Cervical Cancer, I have so far been blessed, however I pray the final outcome will fair well. I’ve had a tumor removed from my breast. I continue to pray that that day will never be before me. I pray for you, as I said, I can never imagine what you are going through, all I can do is PRAY!!! I love you cousin, prayers continually!!! Cousin Carolyn

  8. I hope all is well and that you will be able to start posting on your blog once more. I find it a very interesting blog and hope you have more to give to it.

  9. Hi Beth this is your cousin Pat Forman I have info to update on Dayton and Sarah Summerfield. Please contact me at pftiger306@yahoo.com or on Facebook. Hope you are well and will wait to hear form you. I am at the same address and phone number.

  10. Do you know anything about Lora Jane Taylor who married Daniel Davis?

  11. What is your tree name on ancestry.com? My son’s family finder came back with you as a match, 2-4th cousin.
    I’m new to this – thanks

    • Hi Heather,
      I sent you an invitation to view my tree on Ancestry

  12. Hi Beth,

    I match HC on my Heritage that you administer. I would love to know some more information. My ancestry ID is 1969MAC
    I am on Gedmatch M555343, Also on Familytreedna – Im pretty much everywhere DNA wise. I’m looking for my Biological father.

    Any help would be appreciated. I joined your blog, and friended you on FB.


  13. Hi Melanie, since you friended me on FB, I’ll send you a message there

  14. Hello @Beth6070
    I’m new to this And I just recived my DNA A week ago. I really haven’t had the time to really research but on my I see that we are in a family line
    How would I be able to inbox you to talk a bit more?

    • Hi there, thanks for reaching out. I sent you an email to see if I can help

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