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MRIN-10 Solomon Wyatt and Mary Alice Smith

Solomon Wyatt and Mary Alice Smith

My maternal great grandparents


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Solomon Wyatt

Solomon and Mary Alice suffered the loss of 8 of their 12 children. Their oldest, Peach May (Wyatt) Purkey died at the age of 19. She was married and had a 3 year old son, James William Purkey. Solomon and Mary Alice are shown raising James in the 1930 census. At this point I have not been able to locate them in the 1920 census, but I’m sure that we will find that they had James then also.

Mary Alice Smith

Their Children

  1. Peachie May Wyatt was born on 06 May 1899. At the age of 16 she married John Hoy Purkey (age 19) on 02 May 1914 in Evanwood, WV. They had a son named James William Purkey born on 17 Sep 1914 in Deer Creek, Pocahontas County, WV. Peachie died from Septicemia (blood poisoning) on 29 Nov 1917. She was 19 years old. Her death certificate states that she was under a doctor’s care from 04 Nov 1917 until her death 25 days later. Looking at the County Death Register there is an unnamed female infant with the last name of Purkey who was stillborn on 04 Nov 1917. I’m now thinking that child may be Peachie and Johns’ and that the birth may have lead to her condition. Nothing on her death certificate states this, it is merely a theory of mine. I suppose we’ll never know unless I can get ahold of the funeral home records. Both Peachie and the baby were buried by Z. Kendall & Sons. According to her death certificate, Peachie was buried in Alpena, Randolph County, WV. My belief is that she was placed in the small Wyatt family cemetery located on her grandparents farm. There are several graves marked only with rocks where I believe she, possibly this baby, her father, and most of her siblings are buried.
    • John Purkey is found aboard the USS Prometheus stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 1920 Census for the Military and Naval Forces. He was a machinist. I believe that James was raised by Solomon and Mary Alice after his mother’s death. He is found in their home in the 1930 census, but I cannot seem to locate them in the 1920 census to verify. John went on to marry 2 more times. He married Willa Grace Boyd in Greenbrier County, WV on 18 Apr 1921. Willa and John had a son named Hoy Edward Purkey born 31 Aug 1921 in Pocahontas County, WV. He died on 06 Aug 2000. Willa and Hoy are found in the 1930 census in Greenbrier County, WV. Willa is still listed at married, however in that same census year, John is found living in Camden, New Jersey with wife Ruby E. Purkey and 2 step-children, Hazel and Henry Willett. John died in 1965 in Camden, New Jersey.
    • James Purkey married Fanny Malissa Roby on 18 Apr 1936 in Tucker County, WV. As of the 1940 census record they had 2 children; Rella and Leonard Purkey. One of their daughters, Sharon, recently found this blog and gave some additional information. She states that James and Fanny had 12 children together. James passed away in 1976 and Fanny in 1980. They are buried in Salem, Harrison County, WV.
  2. Ada Jane Wyatt (24 Jan 1900 – 06 Jun 1901) Ada died of Cholera at 1 year and 5 months old. Her mother’s bible records list her birth month as January, however the county birth records list her birth month as June.
  3. Jasper Bryan Wyatt (1902-2000)
  4. Mary Elizabeth Wyatt (1903-1977)
  5. Sarah Ellen Wyatt (1906-1990)
  6. Albert Wyatt (twin) (14 Apr 1909 – 14 Apr 1909)
  7. Calvin Wyatt (twin) (14 Apr 1909 – 19 Apr 1909)
  8. Samuel Crane Wyatt (1910-1946) Samuel never married and died at the age of 36. He is pictured above in the main picture for this blog standing next to his brother, John W. Wyatt (in the WWII uniform). You can see how thin he was. To me, he looks ill. Samuel died within less than 4 years of when that picture was taken, assuming that it was taken at the beginning of the war. I’m told that he died from causes related to diabetes.
  9. Olive Wyatt (twin) (06 Aug 1913 – 06 Aug 1913)
  10. Oliver Wyatt (twin) (06 Aug 1913 – 06 Aug 1913)
  11. Lillie Evelyn Wyatt (12 Jul 1914 – 28 Aug 1914)
  12. John Wellington Wyatt (1916-2001) John is my grandpa. He is pictured above, on the main picture for this blog, in his WWII uniform. Standing next to him is his brother, Samuel Crane Wyatt.


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    6. Birth Record for Mary Wyatt, Line 9
    7. Death Certificate of Peachy May (Wyatt) Purkey
    8. Record of death for Infant Purkey, line 38. Peachy M. Purkey, line 40
    1. Randolph County, WV 1917 Register of Deaths containing Peachie (Wyatt) Purkey and unnamed infant girl, last name of Purkey
    2. Marriage License of Solomon Wyatt and Mary Alice Smith – Note: Mary’s name was written as Barbara A. Smith by mistake. Her grandmother’s name was Barbara. Perhaps Floyd Triplett had known Barbara and was speaking of her while he was filling out the marriage license? I’m sure that we will never know the reason, so I’m just chalking it up to a simple mistake. The marriage license was not returned with “The Ministers Return or Endorsement” section completed after the marriage was preformed, therefore, we don’t know the exact date of marriage. Usually it was within a few days of obtaining the marriage license.
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    12. Find A Grave Memorial# 100157763, James William Purkey

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