Posted by: Beth | November 11, 2017

MRIN-19J Nora Ball

Nora Ball was born on May 27, 1877 on the family farm, located in the Foos Farms, a couple of miles outside of Foosland, Champaign County, Illinois. She was the eleventh of thirteen children born to Robert Gore Ball and Susan Jane Brock. Nora was only about seventeen years old when she lost her mother. Being the oldest of the three youngest children still at home at the time, she took on the responsibilities of helping her father take care of the home and her younger sisters. She married about sixteen months later and moved to Harpster, Illinois for the first five years of her marriage. About 1900 she and her family settled back in Foosland where her husband was the proprietor of the general store there, which was aslo their home throughout the remainder of her life. During World War I she was the president of the Foosland chapter of the Red Cross. She herself died young at only 48 years of age on November 8, 1925. Her death was due to diabetes that she had been battling for about 18 years. Her youngest child was only twelve years old at the time. Nora’s funeral was held at the Methodist Protestant Church, of which she had been a member since she was fourteen, and burial was in the Mount Hope Cemetery.

Nora married Loren Molton Pfoff on December 19, 1895 in Champaign County. Loren was born on June 12, 1866 near Danvers, McLean County, Illinois to Henry Pfoff (1830-1905) and Martha Riensland (1833-1916), both of whom were German Immigrants. Loren operated a general store in Foosland for about forty years. He died at age 82 in a hospital in Rochelle, Illinois where he had been a patient for about two weeks prior. His funeral was held at the methodist church in Foosland and burial was in the Mount Hope Cemetery next to his wife.

Loren’s sister, Martha Pfoff, married Nora’s brother, Sherman Ball. This would make the children of both couples double first cousins, meaning that they would have shared enough DNA to be half-siblings

Loren and Nora had four children; Milton Loren Pfoff (1896-1976), *Richard Henry Pfoff (1901-1902), Lloyd Delmar Pfoff (1903-1983) and Florence Mae Pfoff (1914-1993)

*Richard Henry Pfoff was born on December 29, 1901 and died on January 24, 1902 in Harpster, Champaign County, Illinois. According to a newspaper article printed on the day he died, there was an article on page one that the baby was “still very low with nervous trouble”. On Page seven of that same paper it states that he died that morning and his funeral would be held at the family home the next day.


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