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West Virginia Division of Culture and History

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Note: The West Virginia Vital Research Records Project – FREE: Most Birth, Marriage and Death Records that are now public records are available on-line through this link. These are scanned images of the original documents.

History of the Early Settlers (Randolph County, West Virginia) – E.C. Wyatt

Web Address: http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/index/WVRANDOL/2003-06?m=c&n=y&s=Redisplay
E. C. Wyatt (1876-1978) was a family historian. He wrote articles for several newspapers about local and family histories. In 1922-1923 he wrote a series of articles that were printed in the local newspaper, The Randolph Enterprise. These articles were titled “History of the Early Settlers” of Randolph County.  There were a total of 10 articles written. In 2003 (before almost everything was online), Stu and Cathy Thompson obtained copies of all of the articles and were kind enough to transcribe them onto a genealogy message board on Rootsweb so that all of us could have access to them. They were also kind enough to print and mail copies to many people who asked back then, myself included. The link above will take you to those transcriptions so that you can read the full stories for yourself.

A History of Pendleton County, West Virginia

Web Address: http://www.archive.org/stream/historyofpendlet00mort#page/n7/mode/2up
This book is available online FREE to read. Written by Oren F. Morton and published in 1910. An excerp from the Forward of the book reads “…It was no small task in itself to examine the numerous pen-written volumes of public records which have accumulated in 165 years. Neither was it a light task to look up the information that could only be had by word of mouth. This led to a tour of the county, covering sixty-eight day and causing 593 miles of travel, nearly all on foot, and was followed by visits to Richmond and to the county seats of Augusta and Rockingham. But the reception of the writer by the people relieved this field work of a sense of drudgery. He was freely and cordially received in their homes, was piloted over footpaths, and farm work was ungrudgingly suspended to give him the information needed…” 

Hu Maxwell’s History of Randolph County

Web Address:
This book is available online FREE to read. Published in 1898, there are three sections to this book

  1. State History
  2. County History
  3. Family History – In this section, Hu Maxwell along with a few volunteers, traveled nearly 3,000 miles going door to door visiting nearly all of the residents of Randolph County. It’s very satisfying knowing that, for example; one volunteer, John J. Ferguson, sat down with my 2nd great grandfather, Ellis A. Wyatt, about 2 years before his death and spoke to him about his family history. Ellis himself gave this information about his parents, his wife, his children, and certain events in his life. Most of the family histories had to be shortened enough to fit into one paragraph, so we only get the highlights. I would LOVE to see the actual drafts written during their visits. Hopefully someday those will turn up and be shared with us all.

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Web Address:

Extracted from the original Court Records of Augusta County 1745-1800, by Lyman Chalkey



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