Posted by: Beth | October 21, 2017

MRIN-19G Corley Ball

Corlie Ball was born October 31, 1869 near Foosland on his family’s farm. He was the seventh child born to Robert Gore Ball and Susan Jane Brock. At about age 27 he married Sadie Haverfield on May 11, 1897 in Champaign County, Illinois. Sadly, he and Sadie suffered the loss of two of their children, one as a toddler and one as a teenager.

Corlie worked as a mail clerk for the railroad, in 1904 he bought an interest in Pollock, Ritchie & Co. store, and he was also a farmer throughout his life.

He retired around 1929 and moved in with his daughter, Dorothy, where he lived for seven years before he died in his sleep at age 74 in the late night/early morning January 7, 1944 in was buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery in Foosland.

Sadie Haverfield was born on July 18, 1880 in Assumption, Christian County, Illinois to the Rev. Isaac T. Haverfield and Mary Osborn. Sadie died at home on February 11,1932 from double pneumonia at 51 years of age. She was buried in Mount Hope Cemetery.

Corley and Sadie had six children; *Lysle M Ball (1897-1913), Mildred F. Ball (1900-1967), **Wilbur Ball (1902-1906), Margaret D. Ball (1905-1989), Dorothy Elizabeth Ball (1907-1992), and Waldo Corley Ball (1911-1991).

*Lysle Ball was born on December 31, 1897 died on October 31, 1913 at age 15 after suffering from Typhoid Fever for seven weeks. A newspaper notice stated that his health was improving, but he apparently took a turn for the worse as he died about three weeks later.

**Wilbur Ball died on November 23, 1906 between the ages of 3-4 years old from diphtheria while on a visit with his mother and sister, Margaret, at his grandparents home in Princeton. He died the day after he started showing signs of illness. A doctor was called right away and treatment was given, but to no avail. Corley, who had stayed home with the other children and to work, took a train and brought him back for burial while his mother, sister, and grandparents were under quarantine.

Note: As of this posting, I have found Corley in all census records except the 1920. If you can help with this, it would be very much appreciated


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