Posted by: Beth | October 21, 2017

MRIN-19F Ida Ball

Ida Ball was born April 18, 1868 on the family farm just outside of Foosland, Illinois. She was the sixth child born to Robert Gore Ball and Susan Jane Brock. She was a wife and mother of three children. Ida spent her first twenty-five years around Foosland before she and her family moved to Colorado living in the vicinities of Holbrook, Rocky Ford and Colorado Springs. A few years before her death she and her husband moved to Eagle Rock in Los Angeles County, California for her health. She had been fighting heart disease and the warmer, dryer climate was thought to be better for her health. I’m sure that she and her husband missed their family and in November of 1925 they moved back to Foosland and in April 1926 they left for an extended stay with their son in Boston, Massachusetts. She passed away on January 18, 1927 in Boston. She was brought back to Foosland for burial in the Mount Hope Cemetery.

Ida married Joseph Phillip Pollock on April 22, 1885 in Foosland. Joseph was born on July 28, 1853 in Enon Valley, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania to James Harvey Pollock (1823-1899) and Lydia Marie Phillips (1832-1903). When he was about ten years old his family moved to Old Town in McLean County, Illinois and were among the first pioneers to settle in that area. In 1870 at age 18, Joseph and his parents moved to just outside of Foosland, Illinois. At that time there was no school or railroad in Foosland. About 1880 his father purchased the implement and grain and general store in Foosland. Joseph help him run it for about sixteen years first as J.H. Pollock and Sons and later as Pollock, Carlyle and Co. (This would later become Pollock, Ritchie & Co.) He resided in Brown Township and was a grain farmer. Joseph was appointed as the Postmaster of Foosland on March 1, 1881. In 1896, because of ill health, he moved his family to Colorado where he farmed and then to California. He and his wife were at an extended stay/residing at the home of their eldest son when Ida passed away. Joseph lived Mahomet, Illinois during the nine years of his life. He was buried in the Mount Hope cemetery after his death at age 83 on August 6, 1936 in Decatur, Macon County, Illinois.

Joseph and Ida had three children; Leland Wells Pollock (1887-unknown), Milton Wayne Pollock (1892-1942), and Ruth Janet Pollock (1902-1961).


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