Posted by: Beth | October 16, 2017

MRIN-19D Charles Edward Ball

Charles “Charley” Edward Ball was born on April 27, 1864 in Foosland, Champaign County, Illinois. He was the fourth child born to Robert Gore Ball and Susan Jane Brock. He was a farmer by trade. Charley died on June 27, 1909 in his home near Rantoul at age 45 from Bright’s disease. He was brought to his father’s home for his funeral and was buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery next to his son, Harley.

He married Margaret “Maggie” Fairfield on August 29, 1889 in Foosland. Maggie was born on September 20, 1870 near Pontiac, Illinois to John W. Fairfield (1838-1879) and Priscilla Shirey (1840-1928). Maggie re-married in 1917 to Dwight Day (1867-1936). She died on January 20, 1925 in Fisher, Illinois at the age of 54. She was buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery where she shares a headstone with her first husband, Charley, and their son, Harley

Charley and Maggie had five children. Arthur Ball (1890-1951), *Harley Ball (1893-1907), Lenwood R. Ball (1899-1966), Harry Franklin Ball (1896-1952), and Lavaughn D. Ball (1903-1984).

*Harley was born on June 10, 1893 in Foosland where he lived his entire short life. He died at home on March 24, 1907 at age 13 after what was thought to be a successful surgery for appendicitis. He was buried in Mount Hope Cemetery and shares a cemetery marker with his parents.


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