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MRIN-73 George A. Taylor and Maranda Washburn

George A. Taylor and Maranda Washburn

My 4th great grandparents MRIN-73

Please keep in mind that this is research in progress. I am working on gathering as many of the documents, stories and pictures as possible to put together as much of an accurate story about their lives as I can. Don’t take anything as fact until it is verified.

NOTE: 19 Aug 2013. I’ve just today learned the names of George and Maranda. I’ve spent a good part of the day researching them and looking at the 1860 census I’ve seen something I’ve not seen before. George’s occupation was listed as “Keeper of the poor”. After his family is listed then there are 12  people listed as a “Pauper” in a section of the census that the enumerator boxed in and wrote “Poor House” along the side. Those people range in age between 25 and 85 years old. Only one was 25 then the age ranges were mostly in the 40-60 age groups. There were three women with the last name of Ball that look very familiar to me. I’ll have to go back and check my research. One of George and Maranda’s granddaughter’s married into the Ball family which my direct line.

George A. Taylor

  • Born: 13 Jul 1813
  • Married: On or around 16 Jan 1849 to Maranda Washburn in Fleming County, Kentucky
  • Died: 30 Aug 1876
  • Age: 63 years, 1 month, 17 days
  • Cause of Death:
  • Buried: Shiloh Cemetery in Heyworth, McClean County, Illinois
  • Parents:

Maranda Washburn

  • Born: 1827
  • Married: On or around 16 Jan 1849 to George A. Taylor in Fleming County, Kentucky
  • Died: 1908
  • Age: 81
  • Cause of Death:
  • Buried: Shiloh Cemetery in Heyworth, McClean County, Illinois
  • Parents: Uriah S. and Mahala Washburn

Their Children/Children of 

  1. John James Taylor MRIN-20
  2. Raleigh A. Taylor (1850-1919)
  3. Miranda Taylor (1853-before the 1860 census)
  4. Emmarine Taylor (1855-1926)
  5. William Taylor (1858-????)
  6. Charles Flemming Taylor (1858-1929)
  7. George Calvin Taylor (1862-1927)


    1. Marriage Bond issued to George Taylor and Uriah Washburn for the marriage of George Taylor to Maranda Washburn, dated 16 Jan 1849
    2. 1850 Census, District 1, Fleming, Kentucky; Roll: M432_199; Page: 317B; Image: 417.
    3. 1860 Census, District 1, Fleming, Kentucky; Roll: M653_366; Page: 739; Image: 129; Family History Library Film: 803366.
    4. 1870 Census, Randolph, McLean, Illinois; Roll: M593_259; Page: 634B; Image: 719; Family History Library Film: 545757.
    5. 1880 Census
    6. 1900 Census
    7. Find A Grave Memorial# 34446457 – Maranda Taylor
    8. Find A Grave Memorial# 34446450 – George A. Taylor
    9. Kentucky, Births and Christenings, 1839-1960 – Miranda Taylor
    10. Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1967, Raleigh A. Taylor
    11. Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1967, Emmarine (Taylor) Van Valey
    12. Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947, George Calvin Taylor


  1. Beth
    George and Maranda are my 3rd Great Grand Parents, throught their son William Taylor. I do have quite a bit of info on this line. Would be interested if you have been able to go further back then George and Maranda?Look forward to hearing from you!

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