Posted by: Beth | January 29, 2013

Male dogs and pee pads

Here is a little trick that I came up with for my male Jack Russell Terrier who was having a hard time hitting the pee pads laying flat on the floor. If you have ever tried to find a solution for this in stores you would have seen some very expensive “grass-like” thing that still lays flat, is very expensive and if you read the reviews – it holds the urine smell and takes a full 24 hours to dry after cleaning it. I wasn’t sold on that idea at all. The only benefit I saw to this is if your dog wouldn’t use the pee pad. My dogs already used the pee pads, so that wasn’t my issue. It was finding something easy to use and clean, inexpensive, and that would help his aim by allowing my male dog to lift his leg and pee on a “target”.


It took me awhile to finally come up with an idea. I went to my local Tractor Supply store and bought a small 12 inch traffic cone (it cost about $6) and I wrapped a pee pad around it. It is that easy. My dog uses this all the time when he can’t go outside.


Just make sure to change the pad after a couple of uses (at most) or he will probably stop using it until you do.

At first I had to use 2 pads to wrap the cone until I got the hang of it. If you take one pad and hold it diagonally and wrap the center of the pad around the cone it will fit. It gets tight around the base of the cone, but I just pull it tightly around and wrap it under the cone and tuck in the top part inside. If your dog happens to get any pee on the cone, simply hose it off and dry it.

For larger dogs obviously you would need a larger cone and would have to use 2 pads. Tractor Supply had 2 sizes, a 12 inch and an 18 inch. As I have a small dog, I haven’t tried the larger cone to be able to give precise instructions on that one. If you try this with various sizes, I would love to hear your results.



  1. What a great idea!!!! I have male dogs (chihuahuas) that use pee pads and I tape them up lol I will try this

    • Thank you. I had been looking everywhere for an idea for pee pads. I had tried pinning them to a baby gate and taping them up as you did. I have a Jack Russell that we have lovingly dubbed “Sir Pissalot” and using those methods just seemed to make a mess on the walls and floors, if I could get him to use them at all. He overshot when they were laying flat on the floor. When I came up with this, he uses it all the time now and never misses.

      • Lolol. I call my Chihuahua Piss Willy.

    • I’ve got a male Chihuahua too and I’ve been using racks and it’s created TONS of holes in my wall. Definitely trying this.

  2. What a great idea!!

    • Thanks, Cindy

  3. OMG thank you so much, I always searching ideas for my peeing dog for inside the house. thanks i will try this

    • Good luck, Dionne. It’s worked really well for us for a couple of years now.

  4. I am adopting a Scotty/Doxie mix and this would be a great idea for him. How big a pee pad did you use? Appreciate whatever help anyone can give! Thanks – Erica

    • Hi Erica, I use 23″X24″ pads. Tractor Supply has them. Retriever brand.

    • U can find good deals on weewee pads everywhere! Homegoods, tjmaxx/marshalls, bjs, Groupon, Job Lot (if you live in the northeast), Walmart…etc. checkout my comment below about weewee pad training. My Maltese was very easy to weewee pad train…the key is keeping an eye on them and catching them in the act and having lots of treats and kisses available for positive reinforcement. Eventually, they’ll want to go on their weewee pad bc they know they’re going to get a treat and lots of love πŸ˜„ Best of luck!!!

  5. Great idea

  6. I put my weewee pads in the bathrooms in the showers… makes fur super easy cleanup! This is a great idea! My little Maltese will lift his leg on the side of the shower…but all I have to do to cleanup is turn the shower on πŸ˜„πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸΆ I hope everyone’s puppies are doing well! Remember, if you catch them in the act going on their weewee pads make it a huuuge deal praising them and giving them treats “YEY teddy WEEWEE PAD!!! You went to the BATHROOM on your WEEWEE PAD!!! You get a TREAT for going to the BATHROOM on your WEEWEE PAD!!!” My puppy (dog really…he’s a 9yr old Maltese) is so used to getting praised and a treat for going on his pad that he will come running over to me all excited everytime he goes to the bathroom πŸ˜„ Also, don’t get mad at them if they go to the bathroom on a bathmat or if the door is closed to the bathroom… it’s not their fault. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT!!!!! Don’t yell at them for going to the bathroom in the wrong spot unless you catch them right in the act, then give them a firm NO and let it go. Please don’t hold grudges against your little guy, they just want to make you happy πŸ˜„ Again POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ˜„πŸΆ

  7. Wow. What a creative idea! Did he miss the cone at the beginning and then improve his aim?

    Also, does he resist going outside now because he wants to only use the set-up?

    In any event, great mind!! Thanks.

  8. Hi Beth! I think you will love this…. an innovative new dog pad made for the male dog! It has patented 4 stay put tabs so that you can adhere it to a wall at a 90 degree angle, allowing male dogs to pee naturally as they would like. These pads also hold up to 8 cups, dry quicker than other pads and have great odor control. Please grab a free sample here and let us know what you think:

  9. A two liter bottle will work as well

  10. There’s already an invention you can buy that makes it much easier than struggling to wrap a cone. There’s a patented device called the Potty Tower thats been around since 2014.

    • Options are great, the more the better. I checked out this site and there’s no price point to this product. Personally, I find that if you buy the right sized pee pads, then learn how to put the on the cone, after a little practice there is no struggle at all. Also, I don’t have to worry about pee getting all over the metal cage covering the pad on this potty tower. But that’s just my preference. And I’ve been doing this since 2012.

  11. I have a toy fox terriorwho has learned to lift his leg now he won’t go o the pre pads thank you

  12. BRILLIANT! I have just applied to adopt an 11 pound terrier mix and was concerned because I am on the 9th floor of a condo and I must endure Canadian winters. I was wondering how I could manage. Now I know I can.

    • Thank you! And thanks for adopting! This has worked great for us for over 6 years now. Hopefully it will for you too.

  13. BRILLIANT! I have a male unneutered Chihuahua who uses pee pee pads but I’ve had to literally stick them up about 8-10 inches on the wall with tacks so he can aim at something. This has created TONS of holes because after a few uses the racks won’t stay in since the holes get larger. Getting ready to remodel my room and looking for a solution that won’t ruin my walls again. I’m running to store immediately… well it’s 4:50 in the morning, so when they open I’m running immediately, and getting this to try.

    Thank you for the great idea! I’ll let you know how it works out.

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