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MRIN-44 George Sizemore and Alethia Richardson

George Sizemore and Alethia Richardson

My paternal 4th great grandparents


Please keep in mind that this is research in progress. I am working on accumulating all the stories and documents that I can and trying to make sense of it myself. Don’t take anything as fact until it is verified.

I’ve never met George “Goldenhawk” Sizemore, he died more than a hundred years before I was born. Yet, he is one of my favorite grandfathers. He seemed to have had a special kind of a personality and to say that he and his family were interesting is nothing short of an understatement. Not only is this my first actual real lead to a direct line to any native american ancestors (hopefully the DNA test will help with this). George is said to have fathered 55 or more children with at least 4 different women. From what I understand, he took care of all of them. I hope he did. Someone once told me that there was a court record where a judge asked George if was true that he had over 50 children and his reply was something to the effect of  “Judge, If I was half as pretty as you – there’d be even more”.  (I would LOVE to get a copy of that record). It is also said that George was a rather large man and I read an article where one of his grandsons was quoted as saying that he “was one of the ugliest men there ever was”. I don’t think that he could have been have been all bad to have several relationships and 55+ children. I think he definitely had charisma. There are no known pictures of George. There are a couple going around on-line, but if you take 5 minutes and actually check into it, you’ll find they are not of him.

This family profile is going to be very interesting to research and share. George “Goldenhawk” Sizemore is without a doubt one of the most interesting ancestors I’ve ever come across.  With everything I do know, I still manage to find something new about him nearly every time I look. There are so many stories (some have different versions than others) and although there are census records, 1790-1840 only named the head of household. Everyone was put into age groups by sex. So I can’t use those to verify his wives and children. Not very many records exist that far back. Some, but not many. States were not required to keep vital records, in most cases, not until after the 1900’s. George seemed to move back and forth from North Caroline, Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky quite often, and to top it off there seems to have been either multiple George Sizemore’s at the same time or he was counted in multiple households during various census years. This is going to be a lot of work attempting to gather all the sources and stories and then trying to make sense of it all. So this page will probably be updated quite a bit.

Please keep in mind that this is research in progress. Please don’t take anything as fact until it is verified.

George Sizemore

  • Also known as  “Goldenhawk”. His mother is said to have been a full blooded Cherokee raised with a white family. His father is said to have a Cherokee father and a white mother. The story is that the name “Goldenhawk” came from his blonde hair.
  • Born: about 1783 in North Carolina
  • Married: Sarah “Sallie” Anderson
  • Relationship: Mary Ann Womack
  • Relationship: Alethia Richardson
  • Relationship: Annie Elizabeth Hart (False – She married another George Sizemore in NC)
  • Relationship: Francis
  • Died: 06 May 1864
  • Buried: Oakley Creek Cemetery inMagoffin County, Kentucky
  • Cause of Death:
  • Parents: George “Of All” Sizemore and Aggie Shepherd

Alethia Richardson

  • Also known as Alethia Goodman
  • Born: about 1790 in Tennessee
  • Married:
  • Died: between 1870-1880. She is last seen in the 1870 census for Floyd County, Kentucky. She was 80 years old at the time and living with her daughter, Winnie, and family.
  • Buried:
  • Cause of Death:
  • Parents: Obediah Richardson and Sarah Goodman

Their Children

  1. Polly Sizemore
  2. Elizabeth Sizemore (1823-1867)
  3. Rachel Sizemore
  4. Winnie Sizemore
  5. Martin Sizemore
  6. George Sizemore
  7. Stokely Sizemore

I’m attempting to compile total list of George’s known children with all of his known wives

  1. Elizabeth Sizemore – mother: Sallie Anderson
  2. John  Sizemore – mother: Sallie Anderson
  3. William “Black Hawk”  Sizemore – mother: Sallie Anderson
  4. Nancy Sizemore – mother: Sallie Anderson
  5. Susan Sizemore – mother: Sallie Anderson
  6. Vina Sizemore – mother: Sallie Anderson
  7. Florence Sizemore – mother: Sallie Anderson
  8. Sarah Sizemore – mother: Sallie Anderson
  9. Agnes “Aggie” Sizemore – mother: Sallie Anderson
  10. Catherine Sizemore – mother: Sallie Anderson
  11. Granville Sizemore – mother: Sallie Anderson
  12. Polly Sizemore – mother: Ally Richardson
  13. Elizabeth Sizemore – mother: Ally Richardson <—my line
  14. Rachel Sizemore – mother: Ally Richardson
  15. Winnie Sizemore – mother: Ally Richardson
  16. Martin Sizemore – mother: Ally Richardson
  17. George Sizemore – mother: Ally Richardson
  18. Stokely Sizemore – mother: Ally Richardson

Sources: Much More Coming Soon

    1. Lexington Herald-Leader Newspaper – 1999 News Paper Article written by Lee Mueller: New Gravestone Planned For Magoffin Father of 50. This article is transcribed on a Rootsweb message board.
    2. 1860 US Census for Kentucky, Magoffin County, Licking Post Office, Page 16, Line 21
    3. US Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index – 1860 George Sizemore died of old age (85) in Hawkins County, Tennessee. (This may be his father)
    4. Find A Grave Memorial# 27832833 – George Goldenhawk Sizemore


  1. Alethia Richardson Goodman was the wife of Obediah Goodman who died in 1839 Floyd County Ky.she was not known as (Jendo) this was her and George Golden Hawk Sizemore daughter Jenny I have seen alot of wrong Info. about Alethia and George Golden Hawk’s children some list Flurinda who married Archibald Allen as a daughter this is wrong Flurinda was the daughter of Jenny (Jendo) Sizemore she had a twin sister Arminta who married Samuel Patton Archibald And Flurinda Allen were my Great Great Grandparents my mother and Grandmother would tell stories about Jendo that was pass down through the family Jenny (Jendo) Sizemore is buried on the Higgins Cemetery at Eastern Floyd County Ky.

    • Hi Mack,
      Thank you so much for this information. As you know, this is a crazy family tree with scarce records to verify very much. I do want to be as accurate as possible, so I really do appreciate the correction. Do you have any sources for this information?

      • The only source I have for this what was passed down through the family my great grandfather know who his grandmother was she was Jenny (Jendo) Sizemore I now believe that Jenny Sizemore was not the daughter of George Golden Hawk Sizemore and Alethia Richardson Goodman but was the daughter of George Golden Hawk Sizemore and Mary Ann Polly Womack I base this on the ECA# by Syrenna Matney of Hallsville McDowell County West Virginia age 49 born 1858 daughter of George and Polly Sizemore says that her father and mother was born in Georgia or North Carolina names siblings as (Rachel) ( Polly) (Caley) (Jenny) and William Sizemore ECA# by Lena Strublen of Ashland Boyd County Ky. born 1875 daughter of John R and Alifair Prater Patton age 43 says her grandparents were Allen and Jenny Sizemore Patton and Newman and Monita Prater names children of her grandparents as Florinda Patton Allen Minta Patton Rebecca Patton Prater Betty Whitt Katie Stumbo Wesley Patton and Bunyon Patton says her father died 1900 and mother is living the stories passed through family was that Jenny Sizemore did have children with Allen Patton but was not married to him it was also said the she had a child with his brother this stories come from children of Florinda and her twin sister Arminta it was said that Jenny said that out of all her children the ones that she know for sure who the father was it was the twins Florinda and Arminta and he was a Gearheart I believe that Joseph Gearheart was the father of Florinda and Arminta it was also passed down through family that he had a child with a Patton woman Jenny Jendo Sizemore lived with Allen Patton I believe that this is why they said a Patton woman and not Sizemore another story said that Jenny said that she would had to walk the trail of tears but her and some more got away and hide in mountains in the head of salt Lick this is just a few of the stories passed down through family,

  2. Fascinating, as I just learned recently that instead of Cherokee heritage, I am related to this ‘tribe’. Looking forward to whatever you turn up. My grandmother was a descendant of the Sizemore clan in Kentucky.

    • Hi Jeffrey, this is definitely a challenge to research. Who does your grandmother descend from?

  3. This is all very interesting. I have been told that my father’s side of the family has Cherokee heritage. I believe my Sizemore roots are from Clay County, KY…my paternal grandfather’s name is Talbert and his father’s name is James….married to Mildred_______. We have a photo of my grandfather with 2 brothers and their mother…not sure of the dates or if he had any more siblings….but she has been referred to as “the Indian woman”…which if I understand the stories correctly that would be Mildred.

  4. Have any of you come across a William and Rebecca Sizemore in the Greenville, SC area? They are my brick wall. They had two daughters, Emily and Mary Ann, who were grew up as orphans in Greenville. Emily was born 1827 and Mary Ann 1832. I am assuming that they must have died sometime after Mary Ann was born, but I really don’t know.
    I have a few DNA cousins who go back to George All Sizemore.

    • Sorry, I don’t seem to have any information on them at this time

  5. Hi Beth, My 3rd Great Grandmother is Elizebeth “Betts” Goodman, born 1838, married Rubin Salyer Morgan I also have an ancestry DNA match to her, Her parents are Pleasent Goodman and Jane Patton ? after this i am confused. I have heard by some that Pleasent could be the son of George Glodenhawk Sizemore and Aletha Goodman Richardson and by some it is Obadiah Goodman b. ca. 1770 in Hawkins Co Tn. “HELP”

    • Hi Ken,
      I have an AncestryDNA match to another descendant of Elizabeth Goodman through her son Oscar. They have a beautiful picture of Elizabeth on if you haven’t seen it already.

      This is the family line that I got from that person’s tree. I have no documents to prove relationships however, but hopefully it will help you with at least a place to look

      I also have her parents as Pleasant Goodman and Jane Patton
      I have no other information on Jane Patton

      I have Pleasant Goodman’s parents as Alethia Richardson and George Golden Hawk Sizemore

      George’s parents were George “Of All” Sizemore and Aggie Shephard

      George “Of All”s father was Edward “Old Ned” Sizemore. His mother’s name is not known

      I see Obediah’s name occasionally, but I haven’t figured out how he links in to this family

      This is a crazy, crazy family to research as I’m sure you know. I have just recently joined a Facebook group of a bunch of descendants of the Sizemore’s that someone on there may be able to help you a little more than me if you’re interested.

      Here is the link to the group

      If the link doesn’t work you can search for “Welcome to The Tribe of the Whitetop Band of Native Indians Inc.”

      Good Luck

      • I don’t believe that George Golden Hawk Sizemore was the father of Pleasant Goodman the Info. I have is that Obediah and Alethia had six children prior to her relationship with George Golden Hawk I have the children as (Pleasant)(Sarah)(Andrew)(Enoch)(Calvin)(Lydia) two or three of these children was said to have married Patton’s I believe that Obediah and Alethia lived in the area that is now called Eastern on Goose Creek some of their descendant’s still live in this area of Floyd County Kentucky.

  6. William Black Hawk Sizemore is my 3 times great grandfather and I have done a lot of research on my family tree through And also DNA tests, but I know they said that Golden Hawk and I had a DNA match, but my DNA showed no Indian DNA. How can that be? Would you know?

    • I would go to The Whittop Tribe of Native Indians link and contact Donna Mullins The Tribe’s DNA expert. You will have to down load your DNA results into a GEDMATCH file first which is free she will need your GEDMATCH file no. this to run a match on you to the Sizemores. Even tho your first test results do not show Native American there is a way to look deeper and Donna knows how to do this.

      Ken McChesney

    • Hi Olivia,
      Ancestry also shows no Native American for my dad or myself. However we both show strong DNA matches to many people in the DNA cirlce of George Golden Hawk Sizemore who do show trace amounts of Native American.

      I’ve seen a lot of discussions on how doesn’t do well in showing Native American in it’s ethnicity results. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t fully understand how it all works. The person who suggested to go to the Whitetop tribe and talk with Donna is on point. Donna is very nice and very helpful. She walked me through the process that the tribe uses and it showed that I had 1.5% NA which is probably why it didn’t show on Ancestry. There’s not much there after so many generations. Good luck

  7. My GGGG grandfather was Golden Halk Sizemore
    And I believe Sally Goodwin . My brother has the
    Family tree records. Daughter Rachel married
    Anderson Hays. He was a Caption in the Civil
    war. They call d him Captain Ance. They had a
    daughter named Elizabeth who married William
    Dobson. There daughter Letha married Tolbert
    Allen. They were my grandfather and grandmother

    • Hello there. Thanks for commenting. Always nice to meet a new cousin. Has anyone in your family done DNA testing? There are many of us Sizemore descendants who have and I love to try to trace the direct lines of DNA matches. It so helps to put the story together. I’d love to share info regardless of DNA. Hope to hear back from you soon

      • Hi Beth this is ur cuz Ken McChesney I did do a dna test and found I am 13% NA going back to George GoldenHawk Sizemore and on my Shepherds side as well which were Creek I did join the Whitetop Tribe as a full member and am the supreme Judge on the council

        • Hello Cuz, Ken. Thanks for replying back so I knew who this was. I did see that you have joined the tribe and have taken on a council role. I think that’s fabulous. We, of course, share a Sizemore line and DNA. I believe we also may share a Shepherd line. DNA is proving my well documented, sourced family line is most likely wrong. It looks like one of John “Brush Creek” Shepherd and Elizabeth Stone’s son is probably my 3rd great grandfather. I’m still trying to work it all out, but it’s definitely interesting.

          • John Brush Creek Shepherd is a ggg grandfather of mine if u send me ur email I’ll add u to my ancestry page

            • Will do. Thanks. I’ll send it over Facebook

      • Hello!! Golden Hawk is my GGG Grandfather. His daughter Rachel married my GG grandfather , Capt Anderson Hayes.
        They are the parents of Nelson Hayes, my Great Grandfather. Nelson is the father of my papaw, Astor Hayes.

  8. Do you happen to know if Polly Sizemore married Henderson Mosley ( Moseley)
    My 3rd Great Grandmother was Polly Sizemore from Tennessee but settled in Hawkins Floyd County Ky. I’ve had My Mothers DNA tested and me and one of my brothers. My Dad as well. Any information greatly appreciated. I’d love to see if we match as well.
    Thanks Donna Stapleton Sanders

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