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MRIN-39 Sherwood Brock and Nancy Hand

Sherwood Brock and Nancy Hand

My paternal 4th great grandparents


Sherwood Brock

  • Born: 1809 in Kentucky
  • Married:  15 Aug 1829 to Nancy Hand in Tazewell County, Illinois
  • Died: about 1855 (date is not verified). He is last seen in the 1850 census in El Dorado, California as a miner. His family remained in Illinois while he went to California during the Gold Rush (1848-1853). It seems that he made it home and died shortly afterwards. There was a listing for a burial for him in the Garr Cemetery in McLean County, Illinois on Find A Grave. There was no picture of the marker and no source of where that burial information came from. After I requested a photo of the marker someone had said that was not possible as that cemetery no longer existed. I have not seen anything pertaining as to where he may have been moved.
  • Buried:
  • Cause of Death:
  • Parents: John Brock and Patsy Harbard

Nancy Jane Hand

  • Born: about 1813 in Ohio (possibly in Ross County)
  • Married: 15 Aug 1829 (not verified)
  • Died: possibly 13 Feb 1881. This is not verified information, just something shared in family trees with no source listed as to how they came about that date. I have added it here for research purposes only. What I can tell you for sure is that she is last seen in the 1880 census as a widow at age 68. She is found in the household of her daughter, Susan, and husband Robert Gore Ball in Champaign County, Illinois.
  • Buried:
  • Cause of Death:
  • Parents: George Callahan Hand and Barbara Ann Crose

Their Children

  1. Lucinda Brock (1832-1873)
  2. George W. Brock (1837-????)
  3. Sherod Brock (1838-1910)
  4. Barbara Brock (1839-????)
  5. Susan Jane Brock (1841-1893)
  6. Mary A. Brock (1846-1926)
  7. William T. Brock (1849-????)

Sources: Coming Soon

    1. 1830 census
    2. 1840 census
    3. 1850 census
    4. 1860 census
    5. 1870 census
    6. 1880 census

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