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MRIN-34 Robert Hunter and Elizabeth Sizemore

Robert Hunter and Elizabeth Sizemore

My paternal 3rd great grandparents


Robert Hunter

  • Born: between 1815-1820 in either Tennessee, Kentucky, or Virginia (varies in census records)
  • Occupation: Farmer
  • Education: Could not read or write (1860-1870 census)
  • Married: Elizabeth Sizemore in 1842 in Breathitt County, Kentucky. (1880 census lists him as single instead of widowed)
  • Died: 14 Dec 1886 in Floyd County, Kentucky
  • Buried: The Chaffins Family Cemetery at Rock Fork, Floyd County, Kentucky
  • Cause of Death:
  • Parents: Father (unknown) born in North Carolina, Mother (unknown) born in Virginia (1880 census)
  • Note: Many family trees have Robert named as Robert Role Hunter with no sources as to where that middle name came from. They have his parents listed as William L. Hunter and Arminta Hunter. This Robert R. Hunter died in 1876 at 2 months old from inflammation of the brain. Obviously this is not the correct person. They seem to be combining these two people by mistake.

Elizabeth Sizemore

  • Born: between 1821-1825 in Kentucky
  • Occupation: Seamstress
  • Education: Could not read or write (1860 census)
  • Married: Robert Hunter in 1842 in Breathitt County, Kentucky
  • Died: between 1860-1870 in Floyd County, Kentucky. She is last seen in the 1860 census
  • Buried: most likely in an unmarked grave in Floyd County, Kentucky
  • Cause of Death:
  • Parents: George “Golden Hawk” Sizemore and Alethia Richardson
  • Note: It appears that George Golden Hawk Sizemore had another daughter named Elizabeth Sizemore with his wife, Sallie Anderson. Since he is said to have over 50 children with at least 4 different women, it doesn’t really seem too far fetched that he would have 2 daughters with the same (very common) name. That 2nd Elizabeth married a Wireman and is often confused for this Elizabeth Sizemore. It doesn’t help that they both died around the same time. Census records shows that they are not the same person. Both women are in the same census records with different households.

Their Children

  1. John Hunter (Dec 1843 – 18 Mar 1915) *Civil War Soldier* John enlisted as a Private in Company I, 45th KY Infantry on 25 Sep 1863 and was discharged on 03 Feb 1865. After the war John seems to have settled in Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio where he married, had a family and spent the rest of his day. His death certificate states that he his buried in the Hunter Cemetery. So far I have been unable to locate that cemetery online.
  2. Winnie Ellabee Hunter (1846-before 1887) married David Parker (brother to John). David remarried to Leah Parsons in Oct 1887
  3. Polly Hunter (07 Dec 1847-19 May 1921) married John Parker (brother to David)
  4. Elizabeth Hunter (1848-1880/1890) married John Wicker
  5. Lewanna Hunter (Aug 1852/55 – between 1900-1909) married Wesley Coburn
  6. Judith Hunter (17 Jan 1855)
  7. Francis Marion “Bee” Hunter (28 Jun 1857 – 07 Jun 1927) married 1. Anna Wicker (1 child) 2. Polly “Poppett” Oney (5 children)



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    5. Hunter-Smith Family Information. Referenced books for marriage of Robert Hunter and Elizabeth Sizemore. (I still have to verify this information)
    6. Kentucky, Birth Records, 1847-1911 – Judith Hunter born 1855
    7. Find A Grave Memorial# 74387015 – Robert Hunter Cemetery Marker
    8. Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953 – Death Certificate for John Hunter
    9. 1890 Veterans Schedule, Perry, Lawrence County, Ohio
    10. 1900 U.S. Population Schedule, Enumeration District: 0045, Beaver, Knott, Kentucky, Roll: 536, Page: 4B, Lines: 56-59
    11. Kentucky Birth Records, 1847-1911 – Francis Hunter born 1857


  1. They are my great great grandparents. Their daughter, elizabeth hunter married my grandfather john wicker, one of his three wives (not at the same time). They had a son alex, my grandfather. He had 13 children, one of which was my dad, sol.

    • Linda, have you done any DNA testing?

      • I havent yet, although i am considering the 23 and me. What do you think? I should have said elizabeth sizemore is my great great grandmother, elizabeth hunter wicker my great grandmother
        My sister and i would dearly love to see a picture of elizabeth hunter wicker or her grave. Any ideas?

        • Hi Linda, I haven’t used 23 and me, but hear that it’s a good one (I used I would suggest that after you get your results from there to download the raw DNA and upload it to As far as any research with this Sizemore family, I would strongly suggest to join the group “Welcome to The Tribe of the Whitetop Band of Native Indians Inc.” This is a group of Sizemore descendants and I really believe that if you are going to find anything Sizemore related….this is the place to find it. There are a lot of very helpful people there. The tribe genealogist is taking a break right now to care for family, but there are many people there that may be able to help you. Good luck

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