Posted by: Beth | June 9, 2012

MRIN-24 Edmund Wyatt and Mary Collett

Edmund Wyatt and Mary Collett

My maternal 4th great grandparents


Edmund Wyatt

  • Born: about 1760-1770
  • Married: Mary Collett
  • Died: after 1840. He is last seen in the 1840 census in Randolph County, West Virginia (then it was Virginia)
  • Buried: possibly in the Arnold Hill Cemetery where his wife was buried in 1834.
  • Cause of Death:
  • Parents: John Wyatt and possibly Jane Stairns (Jane’s name comes from a clipping from an unidentified newspaper in which an unidentified man, who was a Wyatt, was giving a brief account of his family history. This clipping was printed in the Kentucky Explorer Magazine. It should in no way be taken as fact, it is simply a clue as to a name to look for)

Mary Collett

  • Born: 1779
  • Married: Edmund Wyatt
  • Died: 31 May 1834
  • Buried: Arnold Hill Baptist Church Cemetery in Elkins, Randolph County, West Virginia
  • Cause of Death:
  • Parents: Thomas Collett Sr. and Margaret Bartlett

Their Children

(A few of the following children are confirmed children of Edmund Wyatt. Some of these are names that I have found in various records in the right place at the right time. They seem to fit into this family, however, this is just a theory – I cannot prove it at this time.)
  1. Aaron Wyatt
  2. Elizabeth Wyatt married Hiram Currance on 08 Nov 1822
  3. Margaret Wyatt
  4. Solomon Wyatt
  5. John Wyatt (1801-1884)
  6. Jacob L. Wyatt (1812-1887) Jacob was born in Randolph County. He later moved to Indiana, Arkansas, and then settled in Burnet Texas where his buried. He named is son, Edmund S. Wyatt, and his daughter, Mary, which is why I think he is a son of Edmund’s. I’ve not found any actual documentation to confirm this at this time.
  7. Jane Wyatt (1816-1889)


  1. War of 1812 Pension Application Files Index, 1812-1815
  2. 1820 Census of the town of Lebanon, Russell County, Virginia.
  3. 1830 Census Place: Randolph, Virginia; Series: M19; Roll: 199; Page: 126; Family History Library Film:0029678
  4. 1840 Census Place: Randolph, Virginia; Roll: 578; Page: 253; Image: 522; Family History Library Film:0029692
  5. A history of Pendleton County, West Virginia by Oren F. Morten, page 401


  1. Hi Beth,

    I have Wyatt ancestry and have recently had our oldest living male Wyatt relative submit a 67 marker DNA test. We did the test on myfamilydna. Someone there submitted a test and calimed their oldest known relative was Edmund Wyatt b. 1765 Virginia. We are an exact 67 marker match. According to the website, there is a 90% chance of a shared common ancestor 4 generations back. From what I have researched, however, I don’t think there can be a shared ancestor untli at least 6 generations. My relative who took the test is 99 years old. 4 generations prior to him is John Wyatt b. 1772 Buncombe CO NC. We know only the name of his father–James Wyatt. We can speculate he was born around 1740-1750. We don’t know where he was born. I figure whoever submitted the Edmund Wyatt DNA test was younger than my relative. So I figure 4 generations for them leads right to Edmund. If so, that makes my John Wyatt and your Edmund Wyatt genetic contemporaries with an ever increasing chance of a shared ancestor in their relative recent past. There is a 95% chance of this at 6 generations back from the living decendant. Looking at 5 generations, we have James Wyatt on my side and perhaps a John Wyatt on your side each born circa 1740. Were they brothers? I see your John may have been born in England. There is no indication my James was. But perhaps his father was? We are waiting for the results of our “family finder” test. This test supposedly identifies cousins. Perhaps we will find some English cousins…Anyway, if interested in further correspondence, you have my email address.

  2. Hello Aron, It was the usual practice for farming families to have many children Thomas Edmund Wyatt (1765-1844) and Mary Collett had 9 1794 My records show 13 grandchildren in 1823, 24 great grandchildren in and at least 24 descendants by 1875.
    My line goes through Thomas Wyatt 1810-1863 & Sarah Phillips. They had 2 sons, John W and Edmond S. Sr..My younger brother was named Edmon John Wyatt. and my youngest brother was named Charles Richard Beverlin Wyatt. Ellen Matilda J. Beverlin was the wife of John W. Wyatt. Sr. They were the grandparents of my father Owen Truman Wyatt, Sr. Their son John W. Wyatt Jr. was called the old man of the mountain. John Jr was usualled “Johnny” His wife was Amanda McQuain. One of my face book friends turned out to be a McQuain cousin.. My grandparents Asa Harmon Wyatt and Octavia Cross moved to Cumberland Maryland.. I last saw them in 1942. My parents, Owen Truman Wyatt and Beatrice Virginia Grimes lived ti the Baltimore Washington area..

    You might be referring to a nephew of John Wellington Wyatt who was born around 1916 and died in 2001. I believe that his brother who was born in 1913 also died in 1913.

  3. my phone is 443-572-0520

    • Hello William,

      I have seen your name on the family tree DNA website. It is you who I referred to in my message here as “someone submitted a test…” We are batch # 139207 and I guess we are 66/67 marker matches and not an exact match as I first thought. Nevertheless, there is still a high chance that my John Wyatt b 1772 and you Edmund Wyatt b 1765 share a recent common ancestor. But who could it be?

      • William and everyone related to this Wyatt family, I have SHOCKING news. We are NOT Wyatt’s. We are McClanahan’s. William, you will note you are a 66/67 match with a Larry McClanahan? We are exact 67/67 matches with him and 66/67 matches with you. This can mean only ONE thing. My Wyatt’s, James Wyatt of Tryon Co NC, and your Wyatt’s, Edmund of VA, stemmed off a McClanahan that either was adopted into a yet unknown Wyatt family, or was the illegitimate son of a married Wyatt woman. Or otherwise changed his name to Wyatt. The McClanahan’s are littered throughout all of Virginia by the 1750’s and there are various Wyatt’s in the area too. With the 67/67 match I have with McClanahan, there is a 90% chance of a shared ancestor at 4-6 generations. Generation 5 is my James Wyatt b circa 1750. Since your surname is also Wyatt, it means there is almost certainly a connection to a McClanahan “close by.”

        • Very interesting Aron information Aron. Thanks for sharing and I hope you keep us updated on what you find.

  4. Beth,

    You have a Solomon Wyatt listed as a son of Edmund Wyatt. Could you tell me where you found this reference? I’m tracing Wyatts from Atchison County Missouri and have a Solomon Wyatt (b 1798) that I believe fits into the Randolph County Wyatts family tree but I’m uncertain who his father was. A couple of possibilities.


    • Hi Dave, sorry for the late reply. I haven’t had much time lately to do genealogy.
      I do not have a primary source for Solomon Wyatt as a son of Edmund Wyatt. I have him in the right place at the right time around the right people and have placed him in this family as a theory. I’m pretty sure I’m correct as my great-grandfather was named after him. Here is a link to his 1823 marriage record to Rebecca Pickens. I haven’t tried researching him past this point. If you are able to verify with a primary source would you be so kind as to let me know?

  5. Hi,
    I took the dna test through Ancestry last October 2014. Everything that I had been told about my biological father until that point was a lie. My dna shows that I am related to the Grimes and Wyatt families of Portsmouth, Virginia. I have had contact with several family members who are eager to help, but are two generations away and don’t know know how to help. I also have contact with several who are just 1-2 years younger or older than me and don’t know anything either. I have built an extensive tree on base around my matches, which was suggested for me to do through a genetic genealogist. I am more puzzled than ever.I hope some on this blog can advise me what to do. Thanks so much~Deborah

    • Deborah,

      If you are related to these Wyatt’s the paternal DNA at least is McClanahan. Narrowing down just who that is is dicey, but I suspect it was William McClanahan b 1690 VA. I have also researched the family of Edmund Wyatt fairly extensively starting with Edmund and going back. Not so much in more recent times. I have an ancestry tree as well. My Wyatt branch has no apparent link to the Edmund Wyatt line that I can find in records. But genetically we are linked and I believe it is through William McClanahan. I’d be happy to help if I can. My email is

    • Dear Deborah
      Are you descended from Edmon, Jr., Thomas, John, Solomon, or Jacob? Or from a female who married a McCann, Thompson, Hinkle, or Currence. My father left a worksheet compiled by Elam Clay Wyatt in 1968, including listings from Randolph records and giving very good directions to the Collett homeplace, on Buffalo Run, 4 mile NNW Franklin, in Pendleton County, Virginia. I can send you a copy. I have a lot of my father’s records to be digitized.
      Regards, Bill Grimes-Wyatt,, 443-572-0520,
      Glen Burnie, Maryland.

    • Hi Deborah, I wonder if I show up as a match for you on the AncestryDNA test (I’m assuming that’s the one you took?). My username is beth06071. I know that you can’t search for me by that name yet, but if you do a search by surname for Wyatt in the DNA match page, it should at least reduce the amount of pages you have to go through. If you see me, be sure to let me know and maybe I can help you. Good luck

      Also, if you use my kit is #A369870

      • Hello to all,
        I am William Grimes-Wyatt, of Glen Burnie, Maryland, vexillary@ 443-572-0520. My Ancestry dot com DNA shows a cousin whose tree intersects mine at Thomas Edmund Wyatt (1765-1844) in what is now West Virginia. This cousin’s father is my father’s fourth cousin.

      • Beth, My tree shows Thomas “Edmund” Wyatt, husband of Mary Collett having 9 children. They Included Solomon, 1794-1882, John, 1800 and Thomas 1810. John’s descendant shows him to be my cousin. Our common ancestor being Thomas “Edmond” Wyatt. Many of the Wyatt’s on my tree show them as being born or living at a hmesite, “Boxley”, the same name as the parish that the Rev. Hawte Wyatt returned to in Kent, England. I have photos of the church and home that he lived in as well as photos of Allington castle where he was born. I met and phtoed people who were living in one the servants’ homes that were next to Boxley Manor. The lady claimed to be descended from a servant of the Wyatts. I do not know if this is the same Solomon Wyatt in your blog, but the DNA does show that I am related to the descendant of John Wyatt, born in 1800. You have my number and e-mail I you wish to exchange photos. I also took photos of the plaque in Boxley church dedicated to the Wyatt who left issue in America.

        • Hi Bill,
          Do you know where the name of Thomas came from as Edmund’s first name? I’ve never seen him use that before and I’m wondering if maybe I’ve missed some sources because I wasn’t looking for Thomas.

          It’s been quite awhile since I did any research on Rev. Hawte Wyatt, so I’ll have to refresh myself on him, but I don’t seem to recall having much luck in linking him to my Wyatt’s. Again, it’s been YEARS since I’ve researched and I had lost my entire tree and research many years ago and I know I’m still missing people so I’m going to have to revisit. Can you tell me how he relates?

          • If I may comment on this, I’m not trying to upset anybody, but there is no chance I can see that our Wyatt’s link up to Haute Wyatt. The DNA results are clear– Google “Wyatt DNA project” found here:


            to find the FTDNA test results. My family is batch # 139207 under John Wyatt b 1772 NC d 1869 TN. We are Haplogroup R1b Gp3. Note that the DNA results for Edmund Wyatt, batch # 109552, is a 66/67 match with mine and grouped within the same haplogroup. According to FTDNA, the chance we share a common ancestor at 4 generations is 70%. That rises to 95% at 8 generations.

            Next, google McClanahan DNA project found here:


            Again, look for my batch # 139207. Compare the results to the McClanahan DNA. It’s an exact match within that haplogroup at 67 markers for me, and 66 markers for Edmund Wyatt descendents. It’s 9 generations from my living Wyatt back to my proposed shared McClanahan ancestor. He was born in 1690 named William McClanahan. If I’ve counted Mr. William Grimes-Wyatt’s generations correctly, it is 8 generations for him to reach William McClanahan.

            There are other less likely possibilities genetically, but unless I’m way off, or otherwise misinterpreting the DNA results as well as all the Wyatt research I’ve done, then William McClanahan is our man, followed by an unknown “missing link Wyatt,” who fathered your John Wyat b 1745 who was the father of Edmund Wyatt b 1765, and who fathered my James Wyatt b c. 1750 who was the father of my John Wyatt b 1772. I can see no scenario that links us to Haute Wyatt, unfortunately.

            • Thank you for the information, Aron. I’m really new the genetic genealogy research, so I probably won’t make sense of much of this for awhile, so I really appreciate you sharing this information and your knowledge. You won’t upset me in the least bit, I want a true family history…wherever it takes me.

            • Aron, I hope you’re still monitoring this thread? My husband is another descendant of Edmund Wyatt, son of John Wyatt. Beth directed me here when I asked if she had done any Y-DNA testing on her Wyatt relatives. I’ve read with great interest your posts about the McClanahan family and would like to learn more. I’m trying, first of all, to establish the link between our Wyatt branch and then yours. Do you have a tree you’d be willing to share? I also wonder if you’ve gathered more information about the McClanahan’s since you last posted. You are welcome to email me, if you’d like at dreamtimefarms @ Thanks so much! Jane Alexander

  6. Deborah, I do not know if a Wyatt had a McClanahan baby or if a McClanahan fathered a Wyatt baby. I have a numver of maches with McClanahans. No response from them to date. I have also matched up with a genetic cousin who appears in my tree as my father’s 4th cousin.

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