Posted by: Beth | June 4, 2012

MRIN-12 John Wyatt and Elizabeth Raines

John Wyatt and Elizabeth Raines

My maternal 3rd great grandparents


John Wyatt

Elizabeth Raines

Their Children

  1. Emily Wyatt (1823-1880)
  2. Ellis A. Wyatt (1825-1900)
  3. John J. Wyatt (1826-1888)
  4. Ishmael Wyatt (1828-????)
  5. Washington Wyatt
    • Born: 30 May 1830
    • Died: 05 May 1850
    • Age: 19
    • Cause: Scrofulous Tumor. Tuberculous cervical lymphadenitis, also known as scrofula, refers to a lymphadenitis of the cervical lymph nodes associated with tuberculosis.
    • Buried: Cooper-Wyatt Cemetery in Randolph County, West Virginia
  6. Martha Jane Wyatt
    • Born: 12 May 1833
    • Died: 28 May 1834
    • Age: 1
    • Cause: (no record found)
    • Buried: Cooper-Wyatt Cemetery in Randolph County, West Virginia
  7. Mary Ann Wyatt (1834-1890)
  8. Benjamin Coyner Wyatt (1838-1890)
  9. David B. Wyatt (1842-1898)


    1. Find A Grave Memorial# 13937689 – John Wyatt
    2. Find A Grave Memorial# 13937668 – Elizabeth Raines Wyatt
    3. Find A Grave Memorial# 88992104 – Washington Wyatt
    4. Find A Grave Memorial# 13937574 – David B. Wyatt
    5. 1830 U.S. Census for Randolph County, (West) Virginia, Page: 128; NARA Series: M19; Roll Number: 199; Family History Film: 0029678.
    6. 1840 U.S. Census for Randolph County, (West) Virginia, Roll: 578; Page: 257; Image: 530; Family History Library Film: 0029692.
    7. 1850 U.S. Census for District 52, Randolph County, (West) Virginia
    8. 1850 U.S. Census Mortality Schedule for Randolph County, (West) Virginia
    9. 1860 U.S. Census for Randolph County, (West) Virginia, Roll: M653_1374; Page: 98; Image: 110; Family History Library Film: 805374.
    10. 1870 U.S. Census for Dry Fork, Randolph County, West Virginia
    11. 1880 U.S. Census for Dry Fork, Randolph County, West Virginia
    12. Randolph County, WV, Register of Deaths, 1884 – John Wyatt
    13. Randolph County, WV, Register of Deaths, 1887 – Elizabeth Raines Wyatt


  1. John and Elizabeth were my fourth great grandparents. I can give you more information on Mary Ann if you want it. Connie

  2. Hi Connie, that would be fantastic. Anything you would like to share would be very welcomed.
    Thank you.

    • Mary Ann Wyatt was born 1834 in Randolph Co, VA (WV) died 1890 in Tucker Co., WV. She married Enos Bud Carr June 20, 1863 and they had the following children:

      Hannah Susan
      Jacob William (my 2nd great grandfather)

      BTW Adonijah and Barbara Bennett Lambert are my 3rd great grandparents.

      Connie Lambert Crowl, Malvern, OH

      • Thank you, Connie, for sharing your family information here. I added a page for Mary Ann Wyatt’s family (links from her name above) that we can add to as we find more information. I added you as the source.

  3. I have a photograph of Benjamin Coyner Wyatt. I read in a book (i can’t remember where – it was a small, old book about the history around Randolph County) that he was the first – or among the first – settler(s) on one of the surrounding mountains. Here’s a link to his photograph. It was in an old family album:

    • Benjamin Coyner was my gg grandfather. It was his father John Wyatt was the first settler on Middle Mountain, Randolph, WV (then Virginia)
      Coyner’s story is a sad one. He is buried in an unmarked grave in Davis county WV and his family didn’t even know he was dead for two weeks. I also have a copy of this same picture. His son Ausburn Munroe Wyatt was my great grandfather. If you need more information just contact me.

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