Posted by: Beth | May 25, 2012

Sergeant John Wyatt, 1793 Militia Records

Publication Title: Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served From 1784-1811
National Archives of the United States – ARC Search Results: Details.
Description: Military Service of Soldiers Who Served in Volunteer Units During the Post-Revolutionary War Period, compiled 1899 – 1927, documenting the period 1784 – 1811

Below is a transcription of a card found for John Wyatt

You can get a detailed description of what these cards are by clicking here

You can view the actual card below by clicking here (this is a pay site and you can only view this card with a membership. At the time of this posting was offering a free 7 day trial which is what I used to view this document)

Note: The words that are underlined and indented are what was hand written on the document

Year: 1793
Location: Territory South of Ohio River
Military Unit: Christian’s Regiment, Militia
John Wyatt 
Appears with the rank of Sergt on a
Pay Roll
of a detachment of troops of the Green County Militia, Territory South of the Ohio River, in the service of the United States, under the command of Anderson Walker,
for Sept 1 to Dec 3 1793
Roll dated Knoxville, Aug 3 1793.
Commencement of pay or of this settlement, Sept 1, 1793.
Expiration of service or of the settlement, Dec 3, 1793.
Terms of service charged, 3 months, 3 days.
Pay per month, 6 dollars.
Amount of pay, 18 dollars, 60 cents
Remarks, (blank)
(Signed), W.H. Cullings, copyist

Now I am on the hunt for these original documents


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