Posted by: Beth | May 25, 2012

MRIN-40 John Wyatt and Jane Stairns

John Wyatt and Jane Stairns (not verified)

My 5th great grandparents


These people have been my brick wall in the Wyatt family line for many years. I had a little information that had been shared with me by other researches years ago, but I didn’t have the actual sources that they used to verify the information for myself. I’m extremely picky with sources, unless I see them for myself, I will not present information as fact. With the digital age I believe that some of those sources are now coming online and hopefully the rest will follow. This page is where I’m going to hash out my research, so I may show sources and links below, but at the moment they are simply an index to all of the information I’m gathering so that I can have it all in one place and try to make some sense of it all. Hopefully, this is where the DNA test will really help me go in the right direction.

So please remember, for the time being, not to take anything on this particular family as fact.

John Wyatt

  • Born:
  • Married:
  • Died:
  • Buried:
  • Cause of Death:
  • Parents:

Jane Stairns

  • Born:
  • Married:
  • Died:
  • Buried:
  • Cause of Death:
  • Parents:

Their Children

  1. Edmund Wyatt
  2. John Wyatt Jr.
  3. Jane Wyatt
  4. William Wyatt
  5. Samuel Crane Wyatt

Sources: Coming Soon

    1. Sergeant John Wyatt, 1793 Militia Records

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