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MRIN-6 Samuel Nelson Chaffins and Nancy Jane Sutton

Samuel Nelson Chaffins and Nancy Jane Sutton

My paternal 3rd great grandparents


This is a picture of Nelson and Nancy Jane that hangs in the Stone Coal Old Regular Baptist Church where Nelson served as a Deacon for many years. Along with the picture is a paper that reads:
“May Sec. Sat. 1881
Bro. Samuel Nelson Chaffins ordained as a deacon presbytery to wit Elder Wm. Cook, Elder G.B. Allen, Elder Ruebean Warnes
Elder Wm. Cook, Mod.
Bro. J.C. Coburn, Clerk”

Samuel Nelson Chaffins

** Civil War Soldier **

  • Born: 02 Jan 1831
  • Married: Nancy Jane Sutton around 1849 in Floyd County, Kentucky
  • Died: 19 Mar 1914 in Knott County, Kentucky
  • Buried: in The Chaffins Family Cemetery on Rock Fork, Knott County, Kentucky
  • Cause of Death: Old Age and Apoplexy
  • Parents: Nicholas Smith and Elizabeth Chaffins
  • Note: His parents did not marry. His grandson, Will Chaffins, who knew him well stated that Nelson did know Nick Smith as his father. My AncestryDNA test matched me with confirmed descendants of both, one of Nick Smith’s siblings and 3 children of his maternal grandparents that have also taken the DNA test.

Nancy Jane Sutton

  • Born: about 1843 in Kentucky
  • Married: Samuel Nelson Chaffins about 1849
  • Died: 21 Oct 1914 Jones Fork, Ballard, Knott County, Kentucky
  • Buried: in The Chaffins Family Cemetery in Rock Fork, Knott County, Kentucky
  • Cause of Death: Chronic Nephritis
  • Parents: John Sutton and Seattie Hays

Their Children

  1. William Jefferson Chaffins (1850-1946)
  2. John W. Chaffins (1852-1933)
  3. Harvey M. Chaffins (1856-1939)
  4. David P. Chaffins (1860-1947)
  5. Jasper “Bird” Chaffins (1866-1941)
  6. Rhoda Chaffins (1871-1891/1894) Rhoda had a profound mental retardation. There are court indexes indicating that her parents had to care for her all of her life. It looks as though each court session had 2 reasons (1). To keep Rhoda in her fathers care and (2). to allow her father a sum of money to care for her. There is record of 5 court dates in a 3 year time frame 1891-1894 which would make Rhoda’s death date 1894 not 1891 which conflicts with what her headstone marker reads (1871-1891). The 1880 census marked her as “idiotic”. In 19th and early 20th-century medicine and psychology, an “idiot” was a person with a very severe mental retardation or a very low IQ level, as a sufferer of cretinism, defining idiots as people whose IQ were below 20 (with a standard deviation of 16); Mongolian idiot was applied to people who had Down syndrome. In current medical classification, these people are now said to have profound mental retardation, and the word “idiot” is no longer used as a scientific term. —– Source: Wikipedia
  7. Rozely Chaffins (1873-1896)
  8. Dulseany Chaffins (1875-1896)
  9. Marion Chaffins (1877-1964)
  10. unknown child (????-????) Both the 1900 and 1910 census records stated that Nancy was the mother of 10 children and that 6 were living on those dates.


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  3. 1870 U.S Census – I have not been able to locate this family in this census
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