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MRIN-17 Albert Corder Summers and Clara Belle Seamans

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Albert Corder Summers and Clara Belle Seamans

My 2nd great grandparents


Albert Corder Summers

  • Also known as Cordie Summers. He seemed to prefer to use his middle name
  • Recently informed (by Bettye Johnson in the comments section below) that his full name was Albert Bright Corder Summers. That Bright was an old family name.
  • Born: Apr 1873 in Unionville, Putnam County, Missouri
  • Married: Estella May Chinn on 23 Sep 1891 in Carroll County, Missouri
  • Married: Nora Francis Godsey on 30 Jun 1895 in Carroll County, Missouri
  • Married: Clara Belle Seamans 24 Aug 1909 Loveland, Larimer County, Colorado
  • Died: 1925 in Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado
  • Buried: Mountain View Cemetery in Longmont,  Boulder County, Colorado
  • Cause of Death:
  • Parents: William Summers and Melvina Davis

Clara Belle Seamans

  • Also known as Belle Seamans / Belle Summers. She preferred her middle name
  • Born: Jan 1881 in Iowa
  • Married: about 1904 to Albert Corder Summers probably in Boulder County, Colorado
  • Died: 1965 in Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado
  • Buried: Mountain View Cemetery in Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado
  • Cause of Death:
  • Parents: Clayton Seamans and Narcissa Chalista Dow

Their Children

  1. Anna B. Summers
    • Born: 1910 in Berthoud, Larimer County, Colorado
    • Married: Paul Meadows
  2. William C. Summers (1913-????)
  3. Mary Narcissa Summers (1915-1915)
  4. Martha Melvina Summers (1915-1987)
  5. Dorothy Summers (1917-????)

Albert’s other Marriages and Children

  • Wife: Estella May Chinn/Mary E. Chinn
  • Born: 27 Jul 1875
  • Married: Albert Corder Summers on 23 Sep 1891 in Carroll County, Missouri
  • Died: 23 Apr 1893
  • Age: 17
  • Buried: Rock Branch Cemetery in Tina, Carroll County, Missouri
  • Parents:

Their Children:

  1. Estella May Chinn
    • Born: O8 Apr 1893 in Missouri
    • Died: 11 Nov 1893 in Missouri
    • Age: 6 months
    • Buried: with her mother in Rock Branch Cemetery in Tina, Carroll County, Missouri
  • Wife: Nora Francis Godsey
  • Born: 26 Aug 1875 in Carroll County, Missouri
  • Married: Albert Corder Summers on 30 Jun 1895 in Carroll County, Missouri
  • Died: 13 Apr 1906 in Buffalo, Kossuth County, Iowa
  • Age: 30
  • Buried:
  • Parents: James Madison “Dick” Godsey and Mary Flanagan

Their Children:

  1. Loyd Herbert Summers (1897-1983)
    • Born: 22 Jun 1897 in Leighton, Mahaska County, Iowa
    • Married Elizabeth Louise Gerhardt in 1920 in Denver, Denver County, Colorado
    • Died: 26 Aug 1983 in Aurora, Arapaho County, Colorado
    • Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery in Wheatridge, Jefferson County, Colorado
  2. Roy Ernest Summers
    • Born: 09 Feb 1899 in Leighton, Mahaska County, Colorado
    • Married: Lillian
    • Married: Rama Mynatt on 16 Sep 1937 in Littleton, Colorado
    • Died: 11 Mar 1941 in Empire, Clear Creek County, Colorado
    • Age: 42
    • Cause: Mining Accident at the Minnesota Mine in Empire, Clear Creek County, Colorado
    • Buried: Mountain View Cemetery in Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado
  3. Madge Irene Summers (1901-1947)
    • Born: 26 Jan 1901 in Crawford, Iowa
    • Married: George Franklin Stuble
    • Died: 01 Mar 1949 in Laramie, Albany County, Wyoming
    • Buried: Greenhill Cemetery in Laramie, Albany County, Wyoming
  4. Kermit Roosevelt Summers
    • Born: 01 Nov 1905 in Iowa
    • Married: Mary
    • Died: 31 Mar 1953 in El Paso, El Paso County, Texas
    • Age: 47
    • Cause: Rheumatic Heart Disease due to Rheumatic Fever that he had when he was 10 years old.
    • Buried: Restlawn Memorial Park in El Paso, El Paso County, Texas


    1. 1880 U.S. Census Record for Richland, Putnam County, Missouri
    2. 1880 U.S. Census Record for Wood, Carroll County, Missouri
    3. 1880 U.S. Census Record for Bogart, Carroll County, Missouri
    4. 1891 Marriage Record of Albert C. Summers and Mary E. Chinn (Estella M. Chinn)
    5. 1895 Marriage Record of Corder A. Summers and Nora F. Godsey
    6. 1895 Iowa State Census Record for Red Oak, Montomery County
    7. 1897 Birth of child (Loyd H. Summers) to Corder A. Summers and Dora B. Godsen (Nora F. Godsey)
    8. 1900 U.S. Census Record for Crawford County, Iowa
    9. 1900 U.S. Census Record for Oxford, Furnas County, Nebraska
    10. 1901 – Madge Irene Summers  – Iowa Births and Christenings, 1830-1950
    11. 1909 Marriage Record of Albert C. Summers and Clara Belle Seamans
    12. 1910 U.S. Census Record for North Berthoud, Larimer County, Colorado
    13. 1918 U. S. World War I Draft Registration Card
    14. 1920 Marriage Record for Loyd Summers and Louise Gerhardt
    15. 1920 U.S. Census Record for Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado
    16. 1920 U.S. Census Record for Diamond, Platte County, Wyoming
    17. 1920 U.S. Census Record for Laramie, Albany County, Wyoming
    18. 1930 U.S. Census Record for Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado
    19. 1930 U.S. Census Record for Denver, Denver County, Colorado
    20. 1930 U.S. Census Record for Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado
    21. 1930 U.S. Census Record for Bordeaux, Platte County, Wyoming
    22. 1932 City Directory for Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado
    23. 1937 Marriage Record for Roy E. Summers to Rarna Mynatt
    24. 1938 City Directory for Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado
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    26. 1940 U.S. Census Record Jamestown, Boulder County, Colorado
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    32. 1953 City Directory for Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado
    33. Find A Grave Memorial# 32724559 – Cemetery Marker for Albert C. Summers
    34. Find A Grave Memorial# 32734548 – Cemetery Marker for Clara Belle Summers
    35. Find A Grave Memorial# 79609507 – Cemetery Marker for Madge Irene Struble
    36. Find A Grave Memorial# 79609502 – Cemetery Marker for George Franklin Struble
    37. Find A Grave Memorial# 32765168 – Cemetery Marker for Roy E. Summers
    38. Find A Grave Memorial# 14535732 – Cemetery Marker for Anna B. Meadows
    39. Find A Grave Memorial# 14300746 – Cemetery Marker for Paul R. Meadows
    40. Social Security Death Index
    41. Texas Death Index, 1903-2000
    42. Death Certificate of Kermit R. Summers
    43. Family Member – Bettye Johnson (see comments section below)


  1. Loyd (one L) Herbert Summers was my father. I would like to share information regarding the Summers family with you and perhaps gain more information about the Flanagan family. My name is Elizabeth Louise (Bettye) Summers Johnson and I live in Conifer Colorado.

    • Hi Bettye,
      It’s nice to meet you! That sounds great. Does the Flanagan family you mentioned tie into the Summers family?

  2. I need to pull some files to get all the dates and correct names…. but, I believe Nora Godsey Summers was the child of Mary Flanagan and James madison Godsey. I will get back to you later tonight or tomorrow.

    • Thank you for clearing that up for me. That is what I have also. I have a Flanagan line on my mom’s side and they were all I was finding until I knew where to look. There are a bunch of hints on them in my tree on along with a cemetery photo and a picture of Mary, James and Leonard and another one of their home. That was without even looking for anything

  3. How is your relationshiip tied to thee Summers family?

    • Cordie and Belle’s daughter, Martha Summers, was my paternal great grandma

  4. Also, as I recall, Maary Flanigan was born in Ireland. I’m trying to get ahold of my niece who has much of this information too. I came across a listing on Family Tree Maker of the Godsey/Summers famiily, but whoever posted it has dates all out of whack. Where do you live? Maybe we can speak on the phone — sometimes that is a good way to get a lot of information and questions answered quickly.

    • I’ve not researched this family, but a quick look through census records says that Mary was born in Missouri and both of her parents (John and Ruth if I have the right family) were born in Kentucky.

      I’m in Ohio, sorry I am not a phone person at all. I hate them. I find I end up trying to write everything down anyway and I forget to share half of what I was trying to.

  5. Your grandmother was Martha Ball, then?

    • Yes Martha was my great grandma, her daughter Carolyn was my grandma

  6. Okay, just got off the phone with my niece, who is really our family geanologist. Her information is absolutely reliable as she checks, double checks and verifies everything. My thing is more the stories that go along with the family.

    Did you know that your great grandma was a twin? Actually she and her twin were born on different days…. just before and just after midnite.

    Belle and Corder (his name was actually Albert Bright Corder Summers, Bright being a family name way back) were nmarried on August 24, 1909 in Loveland, Colorado, Larimer County. Corder’s cause of death was most likely heart failuure. Myy mother said the doctor had said “Acute Indigestion” but my niece said the death certificate indicates heart failure.

    My mother told the story of the first time she met Belle and Corder. They went to ddinner in Longmont, CO and after dinner they webt for a walk along the railroad tracks. (This would have been circa 1919-1920) Corder carried a 45 revolver in a holster on his hip and leaned over to pick uup a piece of coal, tossed it in the air shot it, then shot the falling piieces until the gun was empty. Corder was enganged at one time by the Winchester Arms Company as a sharpshooter. My dad received his first 22 rifle at the age of 6 and often a birthday gift would be a dozen shells for his rifle. He was expected to bring something home they could eart with the shells… no pot shots in those days.

    • Thank you for all of that information. I’m glad to know that your niece is a diligent researcher. I am too, so I appreciate when someone cares enough to want to get it right rather than accumulate the most names.

      I added a slide show of some pictures of Albert, Belle and the younger kids. There are a couple of men in some of those pictures that I wonder if were the older boys.

      I have to track down vital records for this family yet. I have just census, cemetery, draft cards, etc….

      My aunt told me that she thought she had heard that Martha was a twin and that the twin died? She asked me to see if I could find out for sure. Do you know if it was a boy or girl? Was the baby named?

      Those stories are great. I had nothing to go on when I started researching this family other that Martha’s name. I didn’t even know her maiden name. So I hadn’t heard any family stories such as these before. Only knew what I saw on documents.

  7. Both Loyd and Roy were born in Lighton, Iowa.
    Loyd b Jun 22, 1897 d Aug 26, 1983 Aurora CO
    Roy died in a mining accident at the Minnesota mine in Empire, CO (Gilpin County) March 11, 1941. Madge died in Laramie WY 1947. Kermit Roosevelt died in El Paso, TX March 30, 1953.

    Corder was married before he married Nora Godsey. His first wife was Estella Mae Chinn b Jul 27, 1875 d Apr 23, 1893 m Seept 23, 1891. They had a baby girl also named Estella Mae b Apr 8, 1893 d Nov 11 1893. The wife and baby are buried together in the Godsey famioy plot in Tina MO.

    One of the reason the family moved around the country so much was Corder’s occupation. He was a section foreman for the railroad. He also was a barber, sharpshooter, watchmaker, and whatever else he needed to do to keep his family.

    My niece is Laura Summers Strong and is traveling homes in Okllahoma City and Greeley CO right now. Part of her infoprmation in on her Greeley computer and part on the one in OK City. So much of the information is not available to us right now.

    Please excuse the typing mistakes — my computer is between elbow and shoulder level as it is currently sitting on top of my printer. Long story…

    Anyway, I will get more to you later. Husband is demanding food at present time…

  8. The twins were Mary Narcissa born April 16 and Martha Malvina born April 17, 1915. in Berthoud CO (?) I believe Mary died Dec 15, 1915 in Fort Collins, Colorado. I think you probably need to get in touch with Laura Strong, e-mail address Lcs strong She will have absolutely accurate dates and places. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get to your slide show…. I’m certain I would recognize my dad and Uncle Roy and probably Kermit too if they were in your pics. Could you e-mail the slide show to me? my e-mail is i seem to have trouble with anything that is U-tube don’t know whether it is me or my computer. There are some days that it seems to work but most of the time not.

    If you get a number of broken apart messages it is because every now and again things seem to go shooting out into cyber space all by themselves. Iknow I must touch something that does this but I don’t know why it happens.

    I can give you much more information about my dad’s immediate family (Corder and Nora) than Corder and Belle as we really didn’t see as much of that part of the family when I was a child. I remember Aunt Anna and Willy but not much about the other two girls. I remember Grandma Belle very well as she had such a neat little house in Longmont. She had a beautiful flower garden in the front. She had gorgeous white hair and was a tiny birdlike lady with a very sweet disposition. Aunt Anna looked very much like her. I’ve lost contact with Anna’s daughter, June in the past few years, since my mother passed away. I can’t find her in the Denver metro phone books any more She was married to Merle Overholt in the late forties. The last contact I had with your great grandmother, Martha, was when my mother passed away in 1987. That was also the last contact I had with Kermit;s wife, Mary Cecil. I just learned that Madge’s oldest daughter, Josephone passed away last week in Cheyenne WY.

    My remaining brother Lauren Oliver lives in Greeley CO and will be 89 in October b Oct 28, 1923 Denver, CO. My oldest brother Loyd Herbert, Jr, passed away in 1987. b Aug 16, 1920 Ft Collins, CO d Feb 2, 1987 Salt lake City, UT. I was born in Denver, CO Apr 1, 1938 and just turned 74 a couple months ago.

    i feel very fortunate in that both my mother and father were story tellers. They both talked a lot about their childhoods and early years. I just wish I knew more about Corder and Belle’s families. Of course, I recognize a lot of the names in your blog, Seaman, Davis, Flanigan, Gillstrap,

    Laura mentioned again today about Corder;s parents deaths. My dad used to tell us that his grandfather died in Montana on a sheep ranch in early spring. He wne out to tend to early lambs and froze. However we really think he died a few days later of probably pneumonia. Malvina supposedly fell into a reservoir. She is still trying to find newspaper articles or something to document that information.

    Oh yes, my dad told a story about his grandmother, Malvina. She had come to take care of the children after Nora died. Loyd came in the house asking for a cookie for the doggie…..after looking out a back window she saw that the doggie was a mountain lion, gathered the two younger children into the house and shot the animal with her pistol. Also Malvina was a photographer… which is probably the reason why we have some childhood pictures of my dad and Roy,

    • I e-mailed you all of the pictures that I had. There are over 20 of them. Please let me know if they came through ok or not. If not I’ll resend them in smaller batches

  9. Oh yes, Belle was a school teacher. I think maybe in Berthoud, CO. Mother said that my Dad and Roy gave her a bad time when Corder married her. They were really kind of brats spoiled by their grandmother Malvina. Even my dad admitted to that.

  10. Beth you have the wrong name for my mother. I have no idea who Elizabeth Burdge is—–Loyd Herbert Summers married Elizabeth Gerhardt in Denver, Co 1920. My father and mother are both interred at Crown Hill Cemetery Wheatridge, CO. (Jefferson County) Both died at Fitsimmons Army Hospital in Aurora, CO. Can’t remember if Aurora is Adams or Arapahoe County. Parts of Aurora are in each county. Loyd d. Aug 26, 1983, Elizabeth d. on June 18, 1987. My mom died the day before her 84th birthday (Jun 19, 1903).

    • Thanks, Bettye.
      I corrected that information.

      That marriage of Loyd Summers and Elizabeth Burdge came from the Colorado Marriage Card Index.

      I did find another one for Loyd H. Summers and Louise Gerhardt married on 09 Aug 1920. Is that the correct one?

  11. Uncle Roy was also married before he married befre he married Rama. His first wife’s name was Lillian who was an army nurse. They had no children. I think maybe Lillian might be buried at Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver. Laura will have more details of this. Also, Madge was married to George Struble and I’m thinking probably in Laramie, WY which is where they lived. They had four children, George, LeRoy, josephine and Elsie. Kermit’s wife’s name was Mary Cecil. I can’t remember her maiden name. Actually she had been married before and had a daughter, Marilou from that first marriage. Kermit and MaryCecil had two sons, William and Lawrence who we nicknamed “Chugwater” from where they lived in WY. I seem to remember that mother said William was born at our house in Denver. They lived with my folks for a short period of time.

    • Hi Bettye, I’m Josephine Armstrong’s son. As a youngster, I visited your parents many times and always looked forward to it. I may have met you, but I don’t remember. Your folks were very gracious. I remember your mom being a fabulous cook, and your dad had a great sense of humor. I remember coming in through their back yard with mom one time, and your dad’s duck tormenting her mercilessly as she ran for the house! Mom was the family historian; unfortunately most of her vast knowledge wasn’t written down. I’ve dabbled in genealogy off-and-on over the past few years, but not very seriously. I just ran across your Albert Corder Summers – Nora Godsey thread this morning. Mom was the youngest of the 4 kids born to George Frank (Franklin?) Struble and Madge Irene Summers, and she was the last of her siblings to pass (mom died 7-9-12). I’ll continue to browse your information. Thank you!
      – Tom Armstrong

  12. Okay you found the family skeleton.

  13. That lastnone flew away before I finished. My parents always said their anniversary was Nov 19, 1919. It wasn’t until after my mother passed away that we actually found out that they were married just a few days before my brother Herb was born. I could just see and hear my mother laughing at putting that one over on my. We even celebrated their 50th with newspaper notice, reception etc. on Nov 19.1969. My grandfather (old German) would not give my mother permission to marry and my grandmorther finally went with them to sign herX for my 17 year old mother.

  14. My mother was christened Louise but due to lack of English when she started school her name was recorded as Eliizabeth. When my father applied for allotment for her when he was in the service she had to furnish a birth certificate. Having none she had to have an attorney prepare an affidavit of birth and legally made her name Elizabeth Louise since all her school record had her as Elizabeth.

    Another thought. Corder’s wife Nora, was the fifth of 17 chiildren.!

  15. Loyd’s birthplace was Lighton, IA

  16. Bettye,
    I’ve been working on this most of the day – thank you so much for sharing. You have made my job so much easier knowing when and where to look for sources. I’ve linked to as many as I can at the moment, I will probably transcribe the rest later. I still have a couple of census records to find then vital records. Colorado doesn’t have much available on-line for vitals and historical newspapers.
    Thank you for those stories, I enjoyed them very much. We never heard any growing up. I am open for any all that you want to share. 🙂

  17. Have you any informaation from Unionville MO re William Summers? Laura has been frustrated in getting information from that area.

    • For whatever reason, it is not posting my comment. This is attempt #4.
      They will probably all post at once later, I’m sure

      • Hi Beth, blogging is a fairly new technology to me so this feels weird! I am Laura, the niece that Bettye refers to in this chain. I’m excited to find someone connected and hope to get additional info about Martha & Perry descendants! I do have information about Summers line and will get some info to you. Much of my documentation is in OK where I am diligently trying to attach info to My Family Tree. I can verify that the info Bettye has listed is mostly from me! My husband and I took a trip thru Missouri and I have lots of photos and other documentation to share, such as graves of several of these people. Hope to follow your research and share data as we both plod on with research!

        • Hi Laura,
          Nice to meet you. I’m always happy to meet a new cousin – especially ones who shares my interest (obsession) in family history. I think that you and I can help each other quite a bit. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve really enjoyed the stories that Bettye has shared with me. Those are things you can only get from family and we moved so much when I was growing up that I didn’t really get to know my great-grandparents before they passed away, so I never got to hear any of their family stories.

      • ok, i clicked on something and it registered me as anonymous; will try this again!

  18. Nora is also buried in Rock Branch Cemetery, Tina Carrol County MO. When Belle died the kids got together and bought a gravestone for her. Got my dad to wondering if his own mother’s grave was marked so my folks made a trip back to MO. They found Tina full of Godseys all related in some fashion. And the cemetery manager at that time was also a Godsey cousin. That was when he found that Estella and baby were buried in the same section as Nora. Also learned at that time of the dates of his maternal grandparent dates of death. Apparently after Nora died there was no further contact with the Godseys. Yes, her grave was well marked. My dad said that the kids were all sick when Nora died. Corder placed a signal on the train tracks to stop the next train, built a coffin for his wife, Malvina lined the coffin with some green velvet she had and he set off for Tina,Mo to bury her not knowing if his kids would still be alive when he got back.

    My dad didn’t attend a real school until he was almost ten years old. Hos mother then grandmother taught them at home. He said he was in five grades in the same day when he went to real school. He learned to read from the family bible and knew the bible as well or better than many preachers. He wound up in the fifth grade for reading, math and composition. But had to study geography with the little kids.

    Though he attended some high school in Berthoud CO I think he was pretty much on his own by the time he was about sixteen. And although uneducated he was an avid reader and had a bright mind. He was a farm hand, butcher, janitor, and mechanic. He could fix anything around and though he could find his tools, he never put them away. Hie favorite place for a hammer, screwdeiver and pair of pliers was on the mirror in the center of the dining room table. Mother and I knew which drawer they belonged in. My dad served in the Army Air Corps during WWII and continued in the Air Force to retirement in 1961 as a Senior Master Sergeant.

    My brother Herb was also in the Air Corps and Air Force and retired as a Warant Officer in about 1974. He went to college after retiring from the AF (Weber State College in Utah getting his degree in business and accounting. Brother Lauren was a salesman for National Cash Register Company going to work for them when he graduated from high school as a delivery man, then as a service man; retrurning to NCR after serving in the Quartermaster Corps (mule pack) in WWII. He went to college on the GI bill and graduated from Denver University also with a degree in Business and Accounting. Both finished their degrees in three years.

    I’m the dummy in the family — only attended college classes that interested me after I was married. But always worked as a secretary (before it was pc to be an administrative assistant) , bookkeeper, payroll clerk and office manager. I’ve worked in credit, banking, electronics, office equipment, legal departments, electric supply, insurance. I was married for seventeen years when I divorced. I have no children of my own, but have three step daughters, five grandkids, and six (as far as I know) great grandkids.

    I love to read (that’s a family affliction) sew, craft, knit (9 sweaters since last November). I am a cancer survivor having undergone major abdominal surgery almost ten years ago and as a result now have kidney disease with one partially functioning kidney. My mind is strong but my stupid body is weak. So my housework suffers but I get a lot of knitting done and spend a lot of time on computer.

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