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MRIN-18 Grafton O. Willoughby and Mary Jane Bracken

Grafton Willoughby and Mary Jane Bracken

My 2nd great grandparents


Grafton Olson/Olston Willoughby

  • Born: 09 Jan 1865 in Butler County, Kentucky (census records show a consistent age and one giving his birth month and year and Jan 1865. His death certificate gives his date of birth as 1863. The informant on his death certificate was not named and they also had his parents names incorrect. I’m using the birth year from census records since Grafton gave that information himself)
  • Married: about 1887 to Mary Jane Bracken
  • Died: 30 Dec 1926 in Estill, Floyd County, Kentucky
  • Buried: 31 Dec 1926 in the Estill Cemetery in Floyd County, Kentucky
  • Cause of Death: Chronic Nephritis contributed to Asthma. He had been seeing a doctor for almost a year for this illness.
  • Parents: Isaac Patrick Willoughby and Sally Ann Embry

Mary Jane Bracken

Their Children

  1. William “Asa” Willoughby (1891-1924)
  2. Nellie Willoughby (1893-1974)
  3. James Clarence Willoughby (1895-????)
  4. Emma Jean Willoughby (1899-1986)
  5. unknown child (died before the 1900 census)
  6. Jesse Willoughby (1904-????)
  7. Alta Willoughby (1906-1981)
  8. Edward Willoughby (1910-????)

Sources: Coming Soon



  1. granddaddy died in livermore and was put on a train and shiped back to where jess and ace was buried because that is where he wanted to be buried he said by his boy daddy died in livermore after grandmaw died in livermore and was layed out at our house and is buried in cleaton ky. in a company cematery

  2. i am the daughter of edd willoughby, granddaughter of grafton and mary jane willoughby i see some of your records are not what i remember i knew your grandmother aunt emma and jack, benny lee and lonnie and cookie befor they went all went west .

    • if u wish to contact me. .Mary jane, father william bracken was brought back from gresse creek ky. and reburried at a central city ky. by the bracken.side of the family which is close to mary jane grave site now.

      • Hi Becky
        I do have all of the information about both of William Bracken’s burials on his page. But thank you very much for making sure that I did have that information. I do appreciate it very much.
        My memory is not very good, but your names sounds very familiar to me. Have we exchanged information in the past?

    • Hi there,
      I’d love to hear some of your memories about them. Especially my grandpa, Bennie as I never got to meet him.

  3. Mary Jane Bracken Willoughby buried in crescent cemetery on Drakesboro school house road .Gafton Willoughby died on 12/30/36 in Estil County. My mom told me they put his body and shipped him to where Asa and Jess was buried eastern KY.i have a copy of hid death certificate.grandmaw died 1946 and daddy dies 1948 my baby brother was born 10 days after my dad of Asa,s daughter lived in Livermore Gladas married a Bolton had 4 children Philis, wanita,jim and Mary Kathirn.

  4. wrong on granddaddy Grafton date of death 12/30/1926 this an old paper I am reading off and Daddys IS 07/20/1947 that is what his death I had to get my glasses on sorry!

  5. you can contact me any time I remember Benny Lee, Aunt Emma use to come to our house. I spent a week where they lived Panther Creek out in the country their were horses that came through where they lived and I was around 5 or 6 and benny tried to put me on one and he scared me so I cried and Aunt Emma got on him and Jake pack me back to the house. and one time Aunt Emma and Aunt Alta, and Mom, all of us kids were at the river swimming some of the boys and Benny Lee taken a boat across the river cutting cane Aunt Emma hollered at Benny Lee and told him to get here right now he step in boat and out the back of the boat and Aunt Emma got scared because he could not swim very good some of the boys jumped in after him because Aunt Emma was having a nervous fit .

  6. Grandmaw Mary Jane has a tombstone now that Tommy and Brenda Roberston had put up for her next to her best friend and kin.

  7. My dad was Walton Edward willoughby My mom Hattie Bradshaw

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