Posted by: Beth | April 27, 2012

Kix Brooks : New to This Town – filmed in my hometown

CMT : Videos : Kix Brooks : New to This Town.

This town, in this video, is Wickenburg, AZ. My hometown. Not only does this song describes how we treat folks back home, and also how many of us felt after a break-up. It is surrounded by such familiar places to me. The cafe used to be Jean’s Cafe, where my grandma, Carolyn Rose (Ball) Chaffins Garilli, use to work when I was a kid. The bar is where I learned how to play a really bad game of pool.  The rodeo grounds is where we went to watch our friends compete. The Saguaro Theater is probably the one place I’ve watched the most movies besides my own home, but with the Saguaro there was always piece of tape on the screen. You just don’t get that at home. I’ve hung out with many friends in the apartment above the theater. The block behind the Saquaro Theater has my favorite Mexican restaurant, the laundry mat that used to have a bench out front where my grandpa, John Wyatt, used to sit and talk with Col. Sanders (not the actual one, but I always thought he looked and dressed just like him). There is also the park that used to have an old steam engine train that we played on as kids, the house I consider the one I grew up in and the community center where I had been too many times to count, but a couple of highlights were when I got my first drivers license and it is where I was married.  It’s really cool to see my hometown in this video, even if it only showed a few places.  It brings back a lot of nostalgia,  so many great memories and a big smile to my face.


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