Posted by: Beth | April 13, 2012

1910 US Census, Boulder County, Colorado Population Schedule, Longmont

1910 Census . Colorado . Boulder County. Longmont . ED 21 . Precinct 1 . Sheet 3B . Enumerated 18 Apr 1910

Lines 89-95
Dwelling:81 Family:82
416 Sixth Ave.
The Ball Family
89. William T. white male, age 35, married 11 years, born in Illinois, Foreman at Sugar Factory
90. Nettie, wife, white female, age 35, mother of 3/3 living children, born in Illinois, works at a boarding house
91. Perry E., son, age 10, born in Colorado
92. Gladys L., daughter, age 7, born in Illinois
93. Virginia A., daughter, age 2, born in Colorado
94. Virginia A. Taylor, mother-in-law, white female, age 59, married 41 years, mother of 8/10 living children, born in Indiana, not employed
95. Francis W. Taylor, brother-in-law, white male, age 20, single, born in Illinois, not employed


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